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Android Security Cookbook


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Android Security Cookbook

Date: 2013
Pages: 352
ISBN-13: undefined
Author: Keith Makan, Scott Alexander-Bown

Size: 18 MB
Format: pdf
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In DetailThe Android operating system is built to protect its users and support the most complex to the simplest applications. Android is built on the Linux kernel and relies on many of Linux's security mechanisms to protect its users. Applications on the Android platform are supported and protected by the Android application framework by means of mechanisms such as the Permissions Framework and Androids Binder.Unfortunately, application and system developers may sometimes weaken the inherent security strengths of Android by introducing high level application and low level security flaws to system software; often, this allows attackers to harm users or even take control of a victim's device or steal sensitive information.'Android Security Cookbook' covers a variety of topics including analyzing android devices, operating systems, and applications down to code level for security vulnerabilities. It also discusses some measures that application developers can put in place to protect their applications and devices from common vulnerabilities and attacks.'Android Security Cookbook' discusses many common vulnerabilities and security related shortcomings in Android applications and operating systems. The book breaks down and enumerates the processes used to exploit and remediate these vulnerabilities in the form of detailed recipes and walkthroughs. The book also teaches readers to use an Android Security Assessment Framework called Mercury and how to develop plugins to customize the framework. Other topics covered include how to perform secure networking from within Android applications, how to reverse-engineer Android applications to find common vulnerabilities, and how to find and remediate common memory corruption vulnerabilities on ARM devices.In summary, 'Android Security Cookbook' provides a practical analysis into many areas of Android application and operating system security and gives the reader the required skills to analyze the security of their Android devices.Approach'Android Security Cookbook' breaks down and enumerates the processes used to exploit and remediate Android app security vulnerabilities in the form of detailed recipes and walkthroughs.Who this book is for'Android Security Cookbook' is aimed at anyone who is curious about Android app security and wants to be able to take the necessary practical measures to protect themselves; this means that Android application developers, security researchers and analysts, penetration testers, and generally any CIO, CTO, or IT managers facing the impeding onslaught of mobile devices in the business environment will benefit from reading this book.
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