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Bond Of Hatred by Lynne Graham

标签: 冒险传奇

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Bond Of Hatred by Lynne Graham

Author: Lynne Graham | Publisher: Harlequin | Date: 1995-07-01 | Format: pdf | Language: English | ISBN10: 0373117582

Alex Terzakis took Sarah''s breath away. Marrying him was the last thing she was thinking of! When she''d impulsively flung that proposal at him, she had two things on her mind: revenge for her young sister''s death, and the chance to raise Nikos, her sister''s baby son. True, family was all to Alex, and he would fight to keep Nikos, who was his nephew. But, in her anger and her grief, Sarah had believed that her demand would send him packing -- she had never expected that he would accept! The hero is to die for! He is one gorgeous billionaire! He enters the marriage thinking that he would make it a marriage at his convenience but he soon finds that the heroine would not take it lying down. Though the story is told exclusively from the heroine''s point of view, you can tell that the hero is falling for her and falling hard by what he says and does even though he does not tell her he loves her until the end of the book. I have read some Anne Mather and Penny Jordan book where you can''t tell that the heroes are falling for the heroines because they don''t show it through there actions other than tell the heroines at the end of the book. 




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