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Busy Works Beats - How to Make Drake Beats

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Busy Works Beats How to Make Drake Beats

Busy Works Beats - How to Make Drake Beats

The step by step guide on how to make Drake beats like the songs you hear on the radio. Views from the 6 will be dropping soon. Tons of artists will be demanding Drake beats from you. If you can't produce Drake beats soon, you will be left out to dry. That's why I want to help you prepare now.
Drake is at the top of Hip Hop for a reason. His producers use secret techniques to be different from the rest of the artists. Techniques such as lowering the sample rate on drums or reversing audio. Things typical artists wouldn't even think of when producing.
I wanted to create an easy step-by-step course for you on how to make Drake beats. So simple that you can follow the steps and create a beat while you watch. Even if you're using a different DAW, we show you core music production technique which can be applied to any DAW.
I remember I used to be trapped in only making one type of beat, trap beats. It's great to know how to make trap now-in-days but expanding your skill is essential if you wish to move to the next level in music production and earn more.
Drake beats will never go out of style as they are multi-genre beats. I will be showing you his styles from R&B to House to Cypher Beats to Trap.
I created this course for you because I don't want you to be left out like the many producers who don't have this course will be in the next few years.
Drake is an icon at such a young age. You can even call him the new Jay-Z, in terms of popularity in the culture. Not knowing how to craft his style of music is like not knowing how to tie your shoes, it's a must know at this point. Don't be left out of the circle.
Learn How to Make Songs like These
What's Inside
Multi-Genre Drake Production Training: House, Trap, Hip Hop, and RnB
Step-by-Step video guides you can download to your devices for safe keeping
Video Training for the styles of Drake's Chart Topping Records
Music Production Training can be applied to ANY DAW because we teach you the skills
Increase your versatility as a Super Producer
How to Make Aggressive Drake style Diss Tracks
How to Make Cypher Beats like XXL or BET Freestyle Cyphers
How to Make a Drake Popstyle track
How to Make a WATTBA style track for Drake and Future
How to Make Tracks like OVO Sound artists Majid Jordan
Exclusive Sound Design videos show you how to make the sounds for yourself
Music Theory required for Drake style tracks: Big Chords, House techniques, and Progression Styles
How to Make a Beat from a simple Vocal recording
Various OVO Style Beat Breakdowns and Walkthroughs
Advanced Sound Design used to achieve the Drake Sound
Modern Trap and Dark Style walkthroughs to achieve the punchy and heavy sound
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Busy Works Beats How to Make Drake Beats

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