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Coaching Yourself to Leadership

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Coaching Yourself to Leadership

Author: Ginny O'Brien | Publisher: HRD | Date: 2005 | Format: pdf | Pages: 200 | Language: English | ISBN10: 0874258693

Let a highly successful business coach transform your work life Coaching Yourself to Leadership: 5 Key Strategies for Becoming an Integrated Leader Ginny O’Brien What would happen if a respected business coach gave you a new model for leadership that could help you achieve the happiness, productivity and fulfillment at work you so desire? It would change your life. That’s exactly what author Ginny O’Brien has done. She’s a certified business coach who draws on an approach she’s used successfully for years in her practice to develop effective leaders. It integrates competencies from three domains of leadership—self, work and others—and emphasizes both masculine and feminine elements of strength. O’Brien’s themes—be authentic, visionary, emotionally intelligent, an assertive communicator and connected to others through relationships and alliances—are covered in-depth in separate chapters. Exercises, tools and specific guidance are also provided to help you turn the information presented into everyday practices. The purpose of the book is not to help you become the next Jack Welch—being a great leader doesn’t mean you have to get to the top. Rather, it is to provide you with practices and techniques that will transform you into a more positive, authentic leader who can make work better for yourself and those you currently lead.

Sample topics:
• Identifying values: Getting to the core of you
• The dilemma of defensive behaviors
• Leadership and parenting: The same skill set
• Dealing with people you don’t respect
• Assertive vs aggressive
• Passive-aggressive communicators: The Alienators
• The art of asking powerful questions
• Managing your fear
• The problem with delegating perfection




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