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Daniel Arbuckle's Mastering Python

ISBN: 1787283690

语言: English

标签: Perl/PHP/Python

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Daniel Arbuckle s Mastering Python

Date: 2017
Pages: 274
ISBN-10: 1787283690
ISBN-13: 9781787283695
Author: Daniel Arbuckle

Size: 7.8 MB
Format: pdf
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Key FeaturesCovers the latest and advanced concepts of Python such as parallel processing with Python 3.6Explore the Python language from its basic installation and setup to concepts such as reactive programming and microservicesGet introduced to the mechanism for rewriting code in a compiled language along with ctypes and Cython toolsBook DescriptionDaniel Arbuckle's Mastering Python covers the basics of operating in a Python development environment, before moving on to more advanced topics. Daniel presents you with real-world solutions to Python 3.6 and advanced-level concepts, such as reactive programming, microservices, ctypes, and Cython tools.You don't need to be familiar with the Python language to use this book, as Daniel starts with a Python primer. Throughout, Daniel highlights the major aspects of managing your Python development environment, shows you how to handle parallel computation, and helps you to master asynchronous I/O with Python 3.6 to improve performance. Finally, Daniel will teach you the secrets of metaprogramming and unit testing in Python, helping you acquire the perfect skillset to be a Python expert.Daniel will get you up to speed on everything from basic programming practices to high-end tools and techniques, things that will help set you apart as a successful Python programmer.What you will learnGet to grips with the basics of operating in a Python development environmentBuild Python packages to efficiently create reusable codeBecome proficient at creating tools and utility programs in PythonUse the Git version control system to protect your development environment from unwanted changesHarness the power of Python to automate other softwareDistribute computational tasks across multiple processorsHandle high I/O loads with asynchronous I/O to get a smoother performanceTake advantage of Python's metaprogramming and programmable syntax featuresGet acquainted with the concepts behind reactive programming and RxPyAbout the AuthorDaniel Arbuckle gained his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. He has published numerous papers along with several books and video courses, and he is both a teacher of computer science and a professional programmer.Table of ContentsPython PrimerSetting UpMaking a PackageBasic Best PracticesMaking a Command-Line UtilityParallel ProcessingCoroutines and Asynchronous I/OMetaprogrammingUnit TestingReactive ProgrammingMicroservicesExtension Modules and Compiled Code
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