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[share_ebook] Delirium’s Mistress by Tanith Lee

标签: 科幻小说

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share_ebook Delirium s Mistress by Tanith Lee
[B]Delirium’s Mistress by Tanith Lee[/B]
Tanith Lee

Publisher Arrow Publish Date September, 2011
Pages N/A Language Other
Upload Date September 5, 2011 Categories Fantasy Novels


The "Flat Earth" series as a whole is definitely my all-time desert island pick. I've never read anything as incredibly beautiful and magical as these books, and I read a LOT. This book has all of the lush eroticism, shimmering enchantment, and fey loveliness of the previous two books, told in the same intricate, lapidary prose, and adds the powerful themes of growth and change. _Delirium's Mistress_ is the story of Sovaz (at first), the offspring of that union between Azhrarn the Prince of Demons and the priestess Dunizel which was a major part of _Delusion's Master_. Throughout this book, there is a sense of the weight of the ages that have passed on the Flat Earth. Much of the action is the result of long-past intrigues of the various Lords of Darkness. Shades of the past appear to advise characters at key junctures. The book begins with the love affair between Chuz, Prince Madness, and Sovaz/Azhriaz/Atmeh, which is quickly interrupted by the revenge Azhrarn takes as a result ov Chuz's actions in _Delusion's Master_. The remainder of the book concerns the heroine's search for her true self- is she Sovaz, the child of Dunizel, the Moon's Soul and embodiment of good? Is she Azhriaz, the merciless, all-powerful daughter of wicked Azhrarn? Or is she something more? Azhriaz's journey of self-discovery also becomes a force for the transformation of other characters. By the book's end, Azhrarn has been forever changed by the love of Dunizel and her daughter. The cruel Zhirek of _Death's Master_ is reborn as a gentle healer and teacher through his association with Azhriaz. And a much-mellowed Chuz is eventually reunited with his beloved, who finally knows who she is and what she must do. This is a truly wonderful book... it continues all of the exotic magic and mystery of the first two books, and adds some real wisdom and humanity, too.


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