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Derek Halpern - Seven Figure Courses

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Derek Halpern Seven Figure Courses
Derek Halpern - Seven Figure Courses | 15.4 GB

If you can overcome this one obstacle, you can finally set your own hours, stop trading time for money, and start selling profitable online courses.
This is a foolproof recipe for creating online courses that sell.

If you want to break free from the salary trap, pursue something youre passionate about, and FINALLY start - and grow - an online business.
.Seven Figure Courses is perfect for you.
Inside this training, I share my proprietary system for creating lasting, high-converting, online courses that people love to buy. again. and again. and again.

Now let me walk you through, in detail, everything Ill cover inside this training program:
Module 1: Find Your Profitable Course Idea
- The BIG DIFFERENCE between an online course that makes a handful of sales and a Seven Figure Course. (Hint: in many cases you just need to change ONE thing to skyrocket the money potential of your online course).
- WARNING - A research study of 101 failed businessesdiscovered the main reason why they fail. I reveal the big mistake they made, and inside Module 1, Video 2, I show you a little known, but highly effective framework that can help you avoid it.
- Why you dont need to be an expert to start - and grow - an online course business (The truth? I believe every person on Earth has a Seven Figure Course inside their brain. In Module 1, Video 2, I share a technique will help you find it).
- The ONLY 4 reasons why people buy courses - and I show you how to leverage each reason in your course creation process to make your online course irresistible.
- Still need an idea? Ill share a technique that you can use tofind a profitable online course idea in minutes. Youll also see how to battle test your idea in the real world so that youll know, without a shadow of a doubt, that its an idea that can make money.
- For the person who always wanted to create a course, but hasnt done it yet: Ill show you how to turn your ambition into an organized, step-by-step operational plan so that you know exactly what you need to do to start building your online course business

Module 2: Build Your Audience and Email List
- How to build an audience of people who want to buy your online course (without a fancy website, without writing a blog, without doing anything other than testing your ideas for your eventual online course business).
- The first thing you must do to go from 0 to 1,000 email subscribers FAST (and then Ill share the second, third, and fourth thing too). Its truly a paint by numbers approach to attracting your first one thousand subscribers - and Im excited to share it with you. The best part? These wont just be any subscribers. They will be people who will be interested in the online course you plan on selling at a later point in time.
- The 3 things you must remember when you build your audience (Heres a hint: what you focus on when you get started is drastically different than what you focus on when you already have an audience. Ill show you the difference).
- The DUMBEST mistake people make when they build their audience. And whats sad is, I see people do this time and time again and theres no evidence of it slowing down. And Ill ensure you dont make this mistake in Module 2, Video 3.
- Advanced Lead Generation Strategies: If youre running an online course business, youll need a steady flow of prospects who are interested in buying your course. Without them, youll be dead in the water. Ill show you the advanced strategies I used to grow my course business for 5 years running - and what I plan to do for the next 5 years.

Module 3: Create Your Entry-Level Course
- The secret behind how you can take a profitable online course idea and turn it into your first online course in a matter of weeks (yes, weeks). Ill show you how much content you need, how long each piece of content should be, and most important, Ill show you how to ensure the course actually helps people).
- Plus, Ill show you how to name your course so that it CONVERTS (I named an online course poorly and it destroyed my conversions rates. Now, I have a simple 3-step process that anyone can follow to come up with a course name that converts).
- The only thing your course MUST do for your customers (The best part? Do this right, and your course could look like junk and people will still LOVE you. I dont suggest it, but it COULD).
- The psychology behind how to create an effective online course that your customers will RAVE about for years. Many people focus on the marketing, but Seven Figure Courses is different. I show you how to market your course - and I show you how to create a GREAT course too.
- A simple framework that turns your course from a commodity (something people feel like they can get elsewhere for free) into a course that people will HAPPILY pay for again and again and again.
- The TRUTH about how you should price your online course (I give you a simple rule of thumb that can work in any industry).
- The BIG mistake even experienced course creators make. One entrepreneur ran a seven figure business, and he STILL made this mistake. I was surprised too. Its so easy to fix, and when you use what I call The POP Map, youll NEVER make it.

Module 4: Launch Your Course
- There are 3 types of online course launches. There is the 10k launch, the 100k launch, and the Seven Figure Course launch. Ill show you exactly what it takes to create each launch (including how much content you need to give away, what to say in each piece of content, and how to persuade people to buy now).
- How many email subscribers do you need to create a successful launch? The answer is MUCH LESS than you think - especially when you follow the course launch strategies I share in this module. Ill break down different launches from different industries including exact conversion rates, revenue generated, and Ill show you why they said what they said.
- Why you can be bad at selling and STILL sell your online course real well (Hint: Theres a simple formula you can use to describe who your course helps and what it does. Once you know this formula its truly plug and play.)
- The dirty secret behind how you can automate this entire sales process (even if you know nothing about technology). The best part? You wont need any special tools or software products other than your normal email service provider and web hosting.
- What NEVER to do on your first course launch - and why. The sad truth is this: many people think this stuff is necessary, but its a sure-fire way to bomb.

Module 5: Create Your Flagship Course
- How to develop a multi-week, flagship online course that commands premium prices (The truth? Flagship courses can sell for as little as 1,000 and as much as 5,000 per student. And Ill show you how to make people feel like they got it for a deal).
- Why you should NEVER sell the course before you create it. (Yes, some scammy internet marketers will tell you this is a good idea. but its a horrible idea. Ill show you why and what to do instead).
- Flagship online courses can become quite expensive to build. Youll need a web design, video editing, marketing materials, and more. However, when you use the simple launch strategy I share inside Module 5, youll see how to make the course pay for itself.
- The EXACT framework you can follow to land your first 20 flagship course customers (Hint: You wont need a product launch. You wont need fancy sales copy. You wont even need any sales material on the internet).
- A flagship course creation blueprint. This includes a checklist of everything youll need inside your flagship course (including how much content you need, whether or not you need text, videos, or worksheets, and other things you may forget about until its too late).

Plus-Alongside Each Module Is A Remarkable Repository of Bonus Techniques that Help You Grow Faster
Each module contains detailed action steps to help you go from no idea to a thriving online course business.

.but sometimes you just want to know a little bit more.
And thats why, alongside each module, is additional bonus training material where I share techniques (and strategies) you can use to take things to the next level.

Heres just a taste of what to expect:
Bonus Strategies for Module 1
- What people REALLY want when it comes to online courses. And nope, its not just a bunch of information.even if its helpful (this mental shift is VITAL).
- Never struggle with finding an idea again.. In this PDF download, I reveal a simple technique that helps you find a profitable idea.
- Got competition? Ill show you why its a good thing. Then Ill reveal why competition is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things for building a Seven Figure Course.
- Why you dont need to be an expert to create and sell online courses (hint: I share a simple technique for building credibility INSTANTLY).

Bonus Strategies for Module 2
- Yes, youll need traffic to build your email list. And thats why I reveal the ONE strategy I continue to use to attract the highest quality readers. PERIOD.
- If you share personal stories, youll build credibility. Ill show you the ONE story you MUST tell about yourself to make people trust you INSTANTLY.
- How to craft website about pages that turn random readers into raving fans (This simple template will help you build your audience fast. Why? Your about page is often one of the top 5 most visited pages on your site).
- Advanced traffic strategies: Use these 5 techniques to attract the HIGHEST quality readers. FAST.

Bonus Strategies for Module 3
- My quick and dirty technique for naming online courses. I named a course wrong once and Im still paying the price for it. Now you wont make that mistake.
- The 1 thing you MUST do to make sure your student USES the product-and the exact thing I do to virtually guarantee it.
- The Online Course Name Scorecard: Use this to figure out if your name is good or bad.
- Why its okay to including very little content. as long as your online course does this ONE thing.
- My quick and dirty technique for naming online courses. I named a course wrong once and Im still paying the price for it. Now you wont make that mistake.
- The 1 thing you MUST do to make sure your student USES the product-and the exact thing I do to virtually guarantee it.
- The Online Course Name Scorecard: Use this to figure out if your name is good or bad.
- Why its okay to including very little content. as long as your online course does this ONE thing.

Bonus Strategies for Module 4
- Pricing Secrets: A detailed case study about how I doubled my price (while simultaneously lowering my refund rate).
- Online Course Launch Checklist: Got a launch coming up? Use this checklist to ensure you have all your ducks in a row.
- 3 Online Courses Launches EXPLAINED: One launch was a 10K Launch. Another Launch was a 100K Launch. And the last launch was a Seven Figure Launch.
- A simple technique for writing persuasive emails (and sales letters) every single time. even if youre not a writer. even if youre bad at selling.
- Big profits from small email lists - why you dont need a big email list to make real money (and what you need to do to pull it off).

Bonus Strategies for Module 5
- So you want to sell a premium priced online course? Heres how to get your first 15 customers. without a sales page. without a website. without an email list.
- The BRUTAL truth about refunds (Hint: this is the 1 reason why you want MORE of them).
- What you should have at the beginning of every single online course you create. This step is CRUCIAL and it will entice people to USE your product.

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