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Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy

ISBN: 0748607838

标签: 百科全书

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Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy

Simon Glendinning, "Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy"
Polygon | English | 1999-02 | ISBN: 0748607838 | 685 pages | PDF | 4.17 mb

This single-volume reference guide covers the most important authors and movements in Continental Philosophy. Each section focuses on a school of thought, bringing together articles by leading scholars which explore the key thinkers and texts. Arranged in chronological order, the volume begins with the founding texts of Classical Idealism and concludes with Post-structuralism. Sections and Section Editors: Classical Idealism - Philip Stratton-Lake Philosophy of Existence - Lewis R. Gordon Philosophies of Life and Understanding - Fiona Hughes Phenomenology - Gail Weiss Politics, Psychoanalysis and Science - Gillian Howie The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory - Simon Jarvis Structuralism - Jeremy Jennings Post-Structuralism - John Protevi

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