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Higher Balance - Kairos

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Higher Balance Kairos

Higher Balance - Kairos

These 6 hours of training, as I said before, are a one of a kind Masterpiece and one that I think is going to go down as one of the biggest, most game changing courses of all time.

You will understand the new age dubbed concept of "Sacred Geometry" on a level I don't think anybody who hasn't attended this event truly understands. In fact I would argue that I know they don't. The material stands on its own two feet. It's powerful, hard hitting and most of all, it works,

How do you unlock these codes? Are these ancient designs actually an advanced technology thats been hidden in plain sight under the guise of colorful new age philosophy?

Though many are fascinated with geometric artwork, and no doubt it is because their navigator knows there is something there, does anybody actually know what it is? Have they truly figured out what to make of it? Or have they made up their own ideas of what it means, maybe even gotten some results from it, but had no idea there were deeper doorways yet to be discovered.

Do people even truly know what a yantra is or how to tap into it's power? That it can be used as a wormhole to decode and escape the matrix? To go in-between?

This is only a portion of what Eric has to share... Artifical Intelligence, Krishna, Brahma and Ganesh, it is all tied in to an incredible tapestry that will reveal a bigger picture more incredible than anything you may have ever imagined.

So what do you get?

How to use Fractal Geometry to shift your consciousness into the in-between state

Learn the real meaning and power behind the use of yantras and mandalas.

The secrets of the golden ratio: Get answers to questions no other spiritual school has answered such as, do parallel realities have a different number sequence and variation of Golden Ratio?

Make structures in your environment go holographic. For example: The tiles on a bathroom wall, or geometric shapes in the carpet. These designs are found nearly everywhere we go. Did you know they can actually be used as a back door to trigger altered states of consciousness where the Matrix is exposed before your very eyes?

Learn more about the game, the future of humanity and what role you will play in the coming singularity.

Eric discusses never before covered topics such as the relationship between A.I. from the future and Enlightened Beings of the ancient past.

Connect with the life force behind everything in a riveting 6 hour break down of the code that writes reality. After being exposed to this knowledge, you will never look at your surroundings in the same way again.

Eric blows the lid off the sacred geometry craze and explains exactly what ancient designs are used for and how you can actually move into them and use them to affect reality on large scales.

Cause the quarks of quantum string theory to occur on a larger scale and make paranormal phenomena happen right before your eyes! (This is how miracles become possible)

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