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Kilgray Memoq Adriatic v8.0.28 Multilingual (x86x64)

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Kilgray Memoq Adriatic v8.0.28 Multilingual (x86/x64)

Kilgray Memoq Adriatic v8 0 28 Multilingual x86x64

Kilgray Memoq Adriatic v8.0.28 Multilingual (x86/x64) | 136.63 MB

Kilgray Memoq Adriatic v8 0 28 Multilingual x86x64

Kilgray Memoq Adriatic v8.0.28 Multilingual (x86/x64) | 136.63 MB

Kilgray Memoq Adriatic v8 0 28 Multilingual x86x64

memoQ Adriatic is unique. It is based on the full scale of the memoQ solution environment to provide durability and flexibility for you all along the existing memoQ systems. We connect the dots and give you a chance to use the various memoQ systems to boost productivity like you never used them before.

Project management
Save time and resources on Project Management! PM productivity just got a major boost with memoQ Adriatic: check out the new multi-window project management, task tracker, automatic project back-up/restore and more!

Finance and sales
Be in control of your finances: manage your in-house and external linguistics ideally, plan your costs and resources, and use the brand-new reporting platform to create powerful reports!

Client management
Satisfy your clients at every step of the way! Meet the amazing Customer Portal, the newest item in the ever-evolving memoQ environment!

Translation work
Got a lot of work from pharma, medical and legal clients? Are you the guy who has to work with those colourful change-tracked files going around endlessly? We have news for you: memoQ Adriatic brings you full Track Changes support and more!

Benefits for individual translators
Improve the speed and quality of your translations with no extra preparation work! Translators are pleasantly surprised when they discover memoQ. The tool offers a wealth of benefits: it helps you translate more effectively, speed up the translation process and exceed customer expectations. This page gives some examples of how memoQ can do this.

Benefits for translation teams
Work together with other translators on an ad-hoc basis and produce consistent translations! Groups of translators can benefit greatly from being able to work together in close collaboration. Sometimes a translator will be given a project which is too big for one or even two translators to manage on their own. A translation team might actually be a small group of translators who work together in one company. Occasionally a translation company may not be large enough to warrant having the IT staff who would install, manage and maintain a memoQ server.

In these cases and many others, translation teams want the power offered by memoQ server, but they do not know for how long they will need it or how many will be in the team, nor do they have the people and facilities to install and manage their own server in-house.

Benefits for translation companies
Get ahead of the competition by exceeding the expectations of your most demanding customers!

Translation work is complex. It is almost always collaborative and it is pretty common for the scope of the project to change mid-way. Translation companies have to work hard to manage this complexity. This is why they need effective tools to increase their productivity, keep them in control and allow them to continuously optimize their processes. This section details the benefits of memoQ server and memoQ cloud server for translation companies.

Benefits for enterprises
Centralize and streamline all your translation and localization processes by using the industry's most reliable and flexible translation management system!

Translation and localization are critical to any company that wants to sell their goods or services on the global market. memoQ server and memoQ cloud server can ensure that your company manages translation in the most productive, cost-effective and fastest possible way. This section details the benefits of memoQ server and memoQ cloud server for translation buyer companies.

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