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Ockham's Razor Income System

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Ockham s Razor Income System

Ockham's Razor Income System
2008 | PDF | 272 Pages | Author: Marlon Sanders | ISBN: n\a | Language: English | 40 MB
Genre: internet Marketing | Also included: 2 PDF's + Bonuses (1 Video MP4 + 1 PDF)

Twelve years ago I had several ebooks. The sales trickled into my bank account like a leaky faucet. Then one day I stumbled upon a marketing secret that few know or understand even to this day. Overnight, it turned a trickle into a $150,000 cash cow. And it didn’t do it just once. It didn’t do it just two or three times. Instead, it did it over and over to the tune of 29 times. This is my actual track record, not hype and theory.

With this system, you have the real potential to extract up to 5 Supersized Bonus Jackpots per month from your ebooks, podcasts, teleseminar recordings and other info products.

You can do this with your OWN products or even PLR or affiliate products. Of course, you’ll have bigger paydays with your own products.

I just grabbed my calculator and ran through a bunch of my Super Sized Bonus Jackpot Days. Out of 23, the average bonus stuffs $3552.05 in your pocket. Keep in mind I historically do 5 of these per month on average. And I left out the big data days, so I wouldn’t skew the results too much. Keep that in mind.

Anyway, it’s typical for me to have 4 or 5 of these a month, if not more. But if you did only ONE per month that averaged $3552.05, you’d bank an extra $42,624.60. Of course, the $3552.05 is what I’ve averaged since day one. You may do less or more. It’s possible you won’t do any. What I DO know is I’ll show you exactly what I do, when I do it and how I do it.

What you do with is up to you. I’ll share what I do, how I do it and WHY I do it. You won’t be left in the dark.

In the spirit of Ockham’s Razor, I’ve cut out ALL the fluff and added more content.

You Get All 3 Parts of the System:

1. The main text

This is where I expose all 37 secrets of the system in crystal clear language even a newbie can understand.

2. The examples

I’ve loaded up the ebook with examples to bring the system to life. This is for you if you’re a VISUAL person and like to see things in action.

3. The follow up video

This is delivered via email 3 days after purchase to give you time to absorb the text first. This will suit your needs if you’re visual or auditory. You can see and hear me go through the System in action.

Now, you’re probably wondering if a product of this quality with the credibility that it has will cost you an arm and a leg. Actually, I’ve priced it almost embarrassingly cheap.


One, I’m recruiting a special team of Group Leaders to conduct Ockham’s Razor Marketing System Study Groups. And I want to make this ebook affordable to everyone, so they can experience the joy of studying these 37 secrets with other likeminded people. And by pricing it almost embarrassingly cheap, I figure it’ll sell like hotcakes and help funnel people into the Study Groups conducted by my Group Leaders.

It’s win/win.

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Ockham s Razor Income System

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