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Osprey - Essential Histories - book 31 to 39

ISBN: 1841764469

标签: 历史军事

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Geoffrey Jukes, The Russo-Japanese War 1904C1905 (Essential Histories 31)
Osprey Publishing | ISBN 1841764469 | August 19 2002 | PDF | 96 pages | 5,00 Mb

“The Russo-Japanese war saw the first defeat of a major European imperialist power by an Asian country. When Japanese and Russian expansionist interests collided over Manchuria and Korea, the Tsar assumed Japan would never dare to fight. However, after years of planning, Japan launched a surprise attack on the Russian Port Arthur, on the Liaoyang Peninsula in 1904 and the war that followed saw Japan win major battles against Russia. This book explains the background and outbreak of the war, then follows the course of the fighting at Yalu River, Sha-ho, and finally Mukden, the largest battle anywhere in the world before the First World War.”
Gregory Fremont-Barnes, The Napoleonic Wars: The Fall of the French Empire 1813-1815 (4) (Essential Histories 39)
Osprey Publishing | ISBN 1841764310 | October 18 2002 | PDF | 96 pages | 4,20 Mb

“This volume covers Napoleon's gradual fall from power, beginning in the spring of 1813, when France prepared to face the vengeance of Russia and Prussia. quickly raising new armies composed of inexperienced conscripts and invalided veterans, and with a critical shortage of cavalry, Napoleon resolved to preserve his empire in Germany, where he initially managed to achieve some hard-fought victories. When at last Austria threw in her lot with the Allies and the epic Battle of Leipzig followed, Napoleon was forced to retreat across the Rhine, there to resist the onslaught on home soil. The pressure against him proved too great, and with Paris lost and his marshals refusing to fight on, no option remained but abdication. Yet his last battle, and one of the most decisive in military history, was still to come: Waterloo.”

Osprey - Essential Histories 032 - The Second World War (6) ocr
Osprey - Essential Histories 033 - Byzantium at War AD 600-1453 ocr
Osprey - Essential Histories 034 - The French Wars 1667C1714 ocr
Osprey - Essential Histories 035 - The Second World War (2) ocr
Osprey - Essential Histories 036 - The Greek and Persian wars 499-386 BC ocr
Osprey - Essential Histories 037 - The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 ocr
Osprey - Essential Histories 038 - The Vietnam War ocr
Osprey - Essential Histories 040 - is missed.

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