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[PDF] Robben Ford's Blues Revolution

ISBN: c06cb702e8

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PDF Robben Ford s Blues Revolution

Author: Truefire | Category: Video (tutorials, how-to, etc.) | Language: English | ISBN: bc06cb702e8a4f7ca453e4d320405ea9 |

Description: Truefire - Robben Ford's Blues Revolution Embraced by listeners and players alike, Robben's innovative and soulful musicality triggered a revolution in electric blues guitar styling. In this 6-hour, interactive video Blues Revolution course, Robben steps you through his Chicago blues influences, chord and scale vocabulary, rhythm guitar techniques, improvisational approaches and harmonic insight for crafting the fresh, contemporary lines that comprise his signature sound it's all here! Robben's previous books and videos cover a lot of ground but never before has he prepared such a comprehensive curriculum as the one he presents in this Blues Revolution interactive learning experience. At last, ALL of the dots are seamlessly connected. Robben organized Blues Revolution into a series of six sections, each covering essential disciplines and techniques: Fundamentals Robben presents essential principles for developing your individual musicality crafting a melodic vocal styling and learning how to listen, practice, play, emulate and free yourself of patterns. Chicago Blues Robben takes you back to his Chicago and country blues roots with demonstrations of rhythm and lead work inspired by the School of Little Walter and other early influences. Chords & Comping Chord vocabulary, rhythm/comping techniques, movement and themes are some of Robben's favorite subjects and he leaves no stones unturned in this illuminating series of demonstrations and performances. Scales & Applications Harmonic perspective and soloing applications for triads, modes, pentatonic, diminished and altered scales are covered in great detail over this series of lessons. In short, what we've all been yearning for all these years! Soloing & Improvisation Playing over changes, crafting solos, phrasing, vibrato and key techniques are focused on and presented in bite-sized, very accessible demonstrations and performances. It all comes together here. Performances Robben puts all of the above to work in a series of illustrative performances, which are featured in each of the sections. YES, it's all transcribed, tabbed and you get the rhythm tracks to practice over. BONUS Live Workshop Footage Players travel great distances and invest big dollars to attend those rare live workshops that Robben conducts when he gets a chance to do so. You get choice exclusive workshop excerpts in Blues Revolution! Blues Revolution is Robben's first interactive educational project and he took full advantage of the technical feature set to present his curriculum and accelerate the learning process. PIP video, zooming, looping, practice rhythm tracks, interactive tab/notation and many other essential learning tools are fully integrated for students: - 374 Minutes of Video Instruction - PIP Video, Zooming, Looping - Interactive Video Lesson Player - 390 pages of Tab/Notation on PDF - 12-page Chord Dictionary on PDF - Lesson Text Narrative - Guitar Pro & Power Tab Files - 30 Practice Rhythm Tracks with Charts Whatever style of blues you favor, Blues Revolution over-delivers the educational goods for developing your own voice, expanding your vocabulary of chords, advancing your comping skills, solidifying your command of the fretboard, and lighting your soloing and improvisational chops on fire. Sound like a plan? Join the Blues Revolution immediately!

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