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PISA Data Analysis Manual: SAS®

作者: PISA Data Analysis

日期: 01.01.2011

ISBN: 9264056246

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PISA Data Analysis Manual SAS

PISA Data Analysis Manual: SAS®

Second Edition

OECD | 2009 | ISBN: 9264056246 9789264056251 9789264056244 | 470 PAGES | PDF |5.01 MB

This publication includes detailed information on how to analyse the PISA data, enabling researchers to both reproduce the initial results and to undertake further analyses. The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) surveys collected data on students’ performance in reading, mathematics and science, as well as contextual information on students’ background, home characteristics and school factors which could influence performance.In addition to the inclusion of the necessary techniques, the manual also includes a detailed account of the PISA 2006 database. It also includes worked examples providing full syntax in SAS®.
Table of contents
User's Guide
1 The Usefulness of PISA Data for Policy Makers, Researchers and Experts on Methodology
2 Exploratory Analysis Procedures
3 Sample Weights
4 Replicate Weights
5 The Rasch Model
6 Plausible Values
7 Computation of Standard Errors
8 Analyses with Plausible Values
9 Use of Proficiency Levels
10 Analyses with School-Level Variables
11 Standard Error on a Difference
12 OECD Total and OECD Average
13 Trends
14 Studying the Relationship between Student Performance and Indices Derived from Contextual Questionnaires
15 Multilevel Analyses
16 PISA and Policy Relevance-Three Examples of Analyses
17 SAS® Macro
Appendix 1 Three-level regression analysis
Appendix 2 PISA 2006 international database
Appendix 3 PISA 2006 Student questionnaire
Appendix 4 PISA 2006 Information communication technology (ICT) questionnaire
Appendix 5 PISA 2006 School questionnaire
Appendix 6 PISA 2006 Parent questionnaire
Appendix 7 Codebook for PISA 2006 student questionnaire data file
Appendix 8 Codebook for PISA 2006 non-scored cognitive and embedded attitude items
Appendix 9 Codebook for PISA 2006 scored cognitive and embedded attitude items
Appendix 10 Codebook for PISA 2006 school questionnaire data file
Appendix 11 Codebook for PISA 2006 parents questionnaire data file
Appendix 12 PISA 2006 questionnaire indices with TOC BookMarkLinks


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