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[share_ebook] Pleasure for Pleasure

作者: Jamie Sobrato

日期: 2003

页数: 256

出版社: Harlequin

标签: 冒险传奇

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share_ebook Pleasure for Pleasure

Pleasure for Pleasure
Jamie Sobrato | Harlequin | 2003 | 256 | English | PDF,EPUB,MOBI,LIT,RTF,LRF,HTML,TXT

Her mother asks marriage counselor Josie Marcus to return to her hometown of San Francisco to watch the business while she goes to Prague. Her mother runs the Lovers For Life Center that offers a variety of sex education classes on as wide a range of subjects as one could imagine. Josie grew up embarrassed by the open display of affection that her mother emitted. She is very reserved, but her counseling work enables her to run the Center and even lead the discussions. Trent O'Reilly owns the building that contains the sex clinic and his sports equipment store. He is owed two months rent by his tenant, but Josie does not have the money. Trent has known Josie since high school where he desired her, but she always fled when they got hot and bothered. He offers her a chance to pay off her mother's debt, sex education for the rent. Josie accepts to help the only boy she was ever attracted to improve his skills though she herself is not much more than an amateur, but will both stick around this time? The lead couple is an engaging duet struggling to overcome a failed history though both secretly share a crush. The story line contains an erotic story line (duh this is a Blaze) that is fun to follow. However, the reader needs to accept Josie's out of character agreement to Trent's business venture that turns her into a whore and him into her John. Still PLEASURE FOR PLEASURE is a heated romance worth attending as the protagonists are quite a duet.


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