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Secret Projects: Flying Saucer Aircraft

ISBN: 1857802330

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Secret Projects Flying Saucer Aircraft

Date: 2007
Pages: 176
ISBN-10: 1857802330
ISBN-13: 9781857802337
Author: Bill Rose , Tony Buttler

Size: 1 MB
Format: PDF
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Though there has been much speculation on whether flying saucers and the aliens who allegedly favor such craft have any basis in reality, it is a fact that over the years a variety of experimental aircraft that could be described as 'flying saucer' types have been developed in different countries right here on earth. Such aircraft have invariably been shrouded in secrecy, and this book finally presents a serious factual study of these mysterious designs. This book covers 20 'flying saucer' and similar aircraft projects in detail, including the Vought V-173 Pancake, the Boeing B390, the German AS-6 and Focke Wulf VTOL saucer, and others. It also covers NASA's research into lenticular lifting body designs, lunar ferry systems, exotic lightship concepts and recent laser propulsion experiments. All of the craft featured in this book are on the cuttin edge of aviation research and will appeal greatly to those fascinated by flying saucers and their sinister or conspirational connections.
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