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Sketching Manga Style Vol 1-5 [ebook 5(pdf)]

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Sketching Manga Style Vol 1-5 [ebook 5(pdf)]
English | Size: 360.88 MB
Category: Graphic & 3D Design

These books are no longer in print and the series has been canceled.
Sketching Manga-style Vol. 1 - Sketching to Plan (February 2007)
This volume offers a brand-new "sketching to plan" tin can crammed full of sketching fundamentals for you to use when creating your own manga, as well as suggestions and ideas to help your artwork improve. This book is a brilliantly condensed can of artwork, jam-packed with a wide range of styles, ranging from renditions that are realistic without being slavishly naturalistic to stylized "abstracted" and "exaggerated" renditions.

Sketching Manga-style Vol. 2 - Logical Proportions (April 2007)
Proportion sketching allows the artist to develop head-to-body ratios to differentiate the various characters and distinguish between the two genders. It also allows the artist to draw characters in dynamic or striking poses and design characters that suit a variety of genres and settings. This volume explains to the reader how to use manga sketching to devise head-to-body ratios that make each character distinct. It also covers how to proportion realistic, attractive characters as well as adorable, ultra-stylized chibi characters and teaches how to stylize figures.

Sketching Manga-style Vol. 3 - Unforgettable Characters (October 2007)
Sketching as an art form concerned with the quality and volume of information requires three skills: skill in communication, skill in composition, and skill in visual portrayal. The artist taps into these three skills while carrying out a clear plan. Manga sketching, which goes one step further, involves the skill of making the fantastic seem plausible. It also involves skills in determining the quality of the information to be conveyed and how much of it to convey. These last two skills form the focus of this book.

Sketching Manga-style Vol. 4 - All About Perspective (November 2008)
If an artist can draw an appealing character but is only able to create a flat, two-dimensional rendition, then that artist lacks sufficient skills in portrayal. Being able to create the illusion of three-dimensional space on a flat surface allows you, the artist, to portray a space with depth. Positioning a character within that space then allows you to create a richly portrayed scene with impact. Knowing perspective techniques is absolutely essential to creating such enriched scenes. Characters are inseparable from their settings. This book is two volumes condensed into one: a manual that thoroughly explains the basic techniques in drawing one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective plus other perspective techniques, as well as an advanced manual that offers and explains numerous, specific, practical examples.

Sketching Manga-style Vol. 5 - Sketching Props (August 2009)
A single pair of glasses can alter the impression a character projects. A bicycle, motorcycle, or car suggests a character's idiosyncrasies. Weapons that a character might wield, such as a sword or gun, are elements indispensable to a fantasy setting. This sixth installment of Graphic-Sha's How to Draw Manga companion series, Sketching Manga-style, is an outstanding and comprehensive handbook covering the techniques in depicting large and small props that make a character stand out; everything from the basics of sketching and portraying texture to teaching you, the reader, how to develop your own artistic style that goes beyond mere accurate depiction.

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