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The Deadly Beauties

作者: Jacquel Chrissy May

日期: Nov. 19, 2017

ISBN: 0000000000

页数: 150

语言: English

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The Deadly Beauties

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In this anthology by the same person who gave you 'The Imaginary Magical Worlds of Jacquel Chrissy May', we present 15 stories that take place in the Changing Fire Universe. Most of these stories center on the women featured in the series, mainly the women who get themselves involved with the Trichenberg family. A disgraced princess seduces a sorcerer to save her family. A woman pays a huge price to escape from a toxic marriage. A girl must defy the dowager empress when she's presented with an offer she couldn't refuse. A daughter of a powerful loses her status and becomes a slave, only to refuse rescue and freedom. A woman's search for answers regarding her mother's death reveals some damning secrets. These and other stories not only speak about the women who lived them, but the men who helped them get to where they are now.

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