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The Secret of Creating Your Future [Audiobook]

标签: 心理学

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The Secret of Creating Your Future Audiobook

Author: Tad James | Date: 2010 | Format: MP3 | Language: English 

Description: This sets out the Time Line TherapyTM model and how to use it on yourself to clear negative emotions and create the life you want. Written in the form of a little parable, this is an excellent introduction to this highly effective intervention. As the title suggests, the book focuses more on creating the future than on clearing up the past; nevertheless, it works both as a guide for the therapist and as a self-help book for the general reader. Creating Your Future assists one in designing a life exactly that one wants. If you "create" your future and understand what it takes to get the life you want, you're more likely to achieve that goal. This book is very easy to read, altho it does contain exercises that require thinking & writing down exactly waht you want but once you do it you're guaranteed to be astounded at the results you will achieve.

This is really great book. I have read some other similar books about getting what you want and chainging the future and also tried several methods from those books, sometimes it worked sometimes it didnt. This book explains why it didnt work and most important of all how to make it work every time. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to take charge of their future. If you still thinking about buying this book while you are reading this review, stop thinking and act now. This few bucks may be the best investment you ever made in life.




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