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Tutsplus - InDesign Fundamentals (2012)

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Tutsplus InDesign Fundamentals 2012

Tutsplus - InDesign Fundamentals (2012)
MP4 | AVC 1020kbps | English | 1280x720 | 30fps | 2h 14mins | AAC stereo 93kbps | 505 MB
Genre: Video Training

Jump into the world of print design by learning the leading publishing software, Adobe InDesign. Cheryl Graham does a masterful job of explaining the ins and outs of this great publishing program that anyone of any experience level can follow. Learn the basics of setting up pages, styles, pre-press, completing your first project, and more. Ready? Let’s get started!

Indesign Fundamentals 23m 14s
Introduction 3m 2s
The Workspace 5m 6s
Navigation 4m 16s
10-Minute Layout 10m 50s

Text 21m 34s
Text I - Placing 7m 46s
Text II - Threading 7m
Text III - Navigation Shortcuts + Story Editor 6m 48s

Type 21m 40s
Type I - Character Formatting 7m 40s
Type II - Paragraph Formatting 7m 8s
Type III - Tabs 6m 52s

Images 19m 22s
Images I - Placing and Fitting 8m
Images II - Import Options 5m 6s
Images III - The Links Panel 6m 16s

Layout 1 44m 14s
Layout I - Document Setup 9m 28s
Layout II - Paragraph Styles 5m 38s
Layout III - Character Styles 4m 12s
Layout IV - Object Styles 6m 48s
Layout V - Text Cleanup 6m 44s
Layout VI - Check Spelling 3m
Layout VII - More Tips 8m 24s

Layout 2 13m 26s
Preflight & Package 7m 44s
Print & Export 5m 42s

Conclusion 1m 30s
More Resources 1m 30s

Tutsplus InDesign Fundamentals 2012

Tutsplus InDesign Fundamentals 2012

Tutsplus InDesign Fundamentals 2012

Tutsplus InDesign Fundamentals 2012

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