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Unity 5.x Animation Cookbook

ISBN: 1785883917

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Unity 5 x Animation Cookbook

Date: 2016
Pages: 328
ISBN-10: 1785883917
ISBN-13: 9781785883910
Author: Maciej Szczesnik

Size: 11 MB
Format: epub
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Key FeaturesA straightforward and easy-to-follow format.A selection of the most important tasks and problems.Carefully organized instructions to solve problems efficiently.Clear explanations of what you did.Solutions that can be applied to solve real-world problems.Book DescriptionThis recipe-based practical guide will show you how to unleash the power of animation in Unity 5.x and make your games visually impeccable. Our primary focus is on showing you tools and techniques to animate not only humanoid biped characters, but also other elements. This includes non-humanoid character animation, game world creation, UI element animation, and other key features such as opening doors, changing lights, transitioning to different scenes, using physics, setting up ragdolls, creating destructible objects and more.While discussing these topics, the book will focus on mecanim, the Unity 3D animation tool, and how you can use it to perform all these tasks efficiently and quickly. It contains a downloadable Unity project with interactive examples for all the recipes. By the end of this book, you will be confident and self-sufficient in animating your Unity 3D games efficiently.What you will learnImporting animations to UnityWork with different animation assets and componentsCreate, visualize, and edit animated creaturesAnimating game cut scenesDesign character actions and expressionsCreate gameplay by animating characters and environmentsUse animations to drive in-game logicAbout the AuthorMaciej Szcześnik is an experienced game designer and Unity developer, specializing in gameplay and combat mechanics. His daily responsibilities include motion capture session planning and coordination, creating animation graphs and state machines, and AI design and implementation.He started his professional career in 2004 at CD Projekt RED—the company best known for the critically acclaimed The Witcher series. Maciej had key roles in the Witcher games, being lead gameplay designer and lead combat designer. He also worked at 11 bit studios, another well-known Polish game development company, famous for the This War Of Mine game.Maciej gave three talks at the Game Developers Conference and Game Developers Conference Europe. He is also a lecturer at Warsaw Film School, teaching Unity and technical aspects of animation as part of the game development BA course.Table of ContentsWorking with AnimationsWorking with the Animation View2D and User Interface AnimationCharacter MovementCharacter Actions and ExpressionsHandling CombatSpecial EffectsAnimating CutscenesPhysics and AnimationsMiscellaneous
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