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Vero Alphacam 2017 16.5.0 x64

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Vero Alphacam 2017 16 5 0 x64
Vero Alphacam 2017 16.5.0 x64 | 2.69 GB

Alphacam is intelligent and intuitive CAD CAM Software for Woodworking, Metal & Stone Cutting. The emphasis behind Alphacam is to provide customers with productivity, reliability and flexibility. This can be found in all our modules which include Routing, Milling, Turning with 2-Axis to 5-Axis Machining.

Alphacam has the following features:

Alphacam Router
Alphacam Router is a full-featured, easy-to-use CAM solution for manufacturers wanting fast, efficient toolpaths and the generation of reliable, machine ready CNC code. Tooling and machining techniques unique to this industry are accommodated by Alphacam's dedicated Router modules.
Alphacam Milling
Renowned in the metalworking industry for ease-of-use, Alphacam can contour, pocket, engrave and hole-drill complex parts. Functions such as 2.5D multiple depth cutting, pocketing with an unlimited number of islands and tool radius compensation can be controlled using its intuitive user interface.
Alphacam Stone
Alphacam is one of the leading and most established suppliers of CAD/CAM software for the stone industry. Alphacam Stone has been specifically developed to address the unique challenges encountered when machining marble and stone.
Alphacam Turning
From simple 2D slots and holes to the simultaneous 5-Axis machining of complex 3D surfaces and Solids using driven tools, Alphacam makes it easy.
Alphacam Art
Alphacam Art is a full featured, easy to use solution for users wanting fast creation of 3D relief models with quick, efficient tool path creation and the generation of reliable, machine ready CNC code.
Alphacam Wire
Alphacam is a leading CAM solution for wire eroding. 2-Axis machining with optional constant draft angle and 4-Axis shape-to-shape cutting are fully supported.
Alphacam For Education
Alphacam software is so globally used in the market today that it only makes sense to offer an educational package, giving students an edge on the competition while allowing them to take full advantage of Alphacam's capabilities in a non-competitive environment.
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Year / Release Date: 2017
Version: 2017 Build 16.5.0
Developer: Vero
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English + Russian
Tabletka: present
System requirements: Minimum specifications
- System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
- 4 GB of RAM



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