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Video & Image SEO to Rank Page 1 in Google

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Video Image SEO to Rank Page 1 in Google

Video & Image SEO to Rank Page 1 in Google

What Will I Learn?
You will know how to create winning videos that rank well in the search engines
You will know how why certain videos rank in different parts of Google/YouTube
You will know how to rank in each section of Google's Search Engine
You will know how to optimize your images for better search engine optimization
You will know hoaw to remove EXIF data from duplicate images
You will know how to add ALT tags and Title tags to your images
You will know how to drive loads of traffic with a secret part of Google's search engine that most SEO people miss
You should know how to use a PC at a beginner level

Zach Miller's Course Includes:

I get it - you got a great video, but NOTHING has really happened since you posted it online, right? If you feel useless with your marketing, can't get your video to show up in Google, YouTube or other search engines - I'll teach you how to succeed!

Even with ZERO SEO experience, you'll be able to optimize and rank videos like a pro!

Why learn SEO for videos?

>> Videos are much easier to rank than text content (about 10-20x easier)

>> 50%+ of searchers click on a video in Google search results

>> You can DOUBLE conversion rates whenever a visitor watches a video (collect an email, sell a product, etc.)

So your video can be a great source of traffic and customers. but only if your targeted prospects have the opportunity to watch it.

That's exactly what you'll learn in this course: how to make sure that people will find YOUR VIDEO when they search for your type of product or service. You will become an expert at ranking your videos.

Sasha Miller's Course Includes:

Struggling to rank for your keywords in Google? Don't know where to begin with image optimization? Or simply want to learn how to increase your brand's visibility online?... If you answered 'Yes' to any of the following questions, then this is the course for you!

DID YOU KNOW: As of 2018 nearly a third of all Google searches are image-related?!

That means if you're not properly optimizing your images - you're missing out on some sweet search engine traffic! That's why Image SEO is one of the most underrated, under-utilized - yet powerful SEO methods! When given a choice, people would much rather learn visually than through boring old text.

That's why images and video are so popular! And images are only becoming more and more popular as the usage of the internet and smartphones continue to rise year after year. With all the time, money and energy it takes to get an online business up and running, it'd be foolish for us not to make the most of every asset on our site through optimization - images included.

Inside this course you'll discover:

Why Image SEO is Important
The Benefits of Image Optimization
The Top Ranking Factors for Image SEO
How to Properly Optimize Your Images for safety, SEO and increased visibility
How to Select the Right Images
And MUCH More!

By the end of this course, you'll learn at least 3 new ways to get more traffic to your website:

1) You will be able to increase the keyword rankings of your pages higher by doing correct image optimization.

2) You'll know how to rank in Google's image search results, and get more website visitors.

3) You'll understand how image & file size effects your page load times, and be able to reduce the sizes to improve site speeds and user engagement to reduce bounce rates.

*IMPORTANT NOTE - I recorded this course on a new computer and after I realized the audio settings were a bit lower than normal - please turn up the volume or use head phones for this the best learning experience.

NOW IS THE BEST TIME to take advantage of this course while the COMPETITION IS STILL LOW! What are you waiting for? Carpe' diem! I'll see you on the inside!

Who is the target audience?
Video Marketers
Business Owners
Physical & Online Businesses
Content Marketers
Home Based Businesses
Anyone with a product/service to sell
Home Based Businesses
Email Marketers
Online Marketers

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Password: Golden_Plaza
Video Image SEO to Rank Page 1 in Google

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