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添加时间最新添加 数学 eBooks:

  1. by F. A. Howes, K. W. Chang / 2011-12-28Nonlinear Singular Perturbation Phenomena: Theory and Applications (Applied Mathematical Sciences)
  2. by Shiing-Shen Chern / 2011-12-28Complex Manifolds without Potential Theory: (With an Appendix on the Geometry of Characteristic Classes) (Universitext)
  3. by Guillermo Curbera / 2011-12-28Mathematicians of the World, Unite!: The International Congress of Mathematicians: A Human Endeavor
  4. by Ju. L. Daleckii, M. G. Krein / 2011-12-28Stability of Solutions of Differential Equations in Banach Space (Translations of Mathematical Monographs)
  5. by Bert Wiest, Dale Rolfsen, Ivan Dynnikov, Patrick Dehornoy / 2011-12-28Ordering Braids (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs)
  6. by Drago Cvetkovic, Peter Rowlinson, Slobodan Simic / 2011-12-28Spectral Generalizations of Line Graphs: On Graphs with Least Eigenvalue -2 (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
  7. by Jerzy Kkol, Manuel López-Pellicer, Wiesaw Kubi / 2011-12-28Descriptive Topology in Selected Topics of Functional Analysis (Developments in Mathematics)
  8. by Michael Sullivan / 2011-12-28Finite Mathematics: An Applied Approach
  9. by George A. Baker Jr., John L. Gammel / 2011-12-28Pade Approximant in Theoretical Physics
  10. by Carol L. Walker, Darel W. Hardy, Fred Richman / 2011-12-28Applied Algebra: Codes, Ciphers and Discrete Algorithms, Second Edition (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications)
  11. by Ajith Abraham / 2011-12-28Computational Intelligence in Information Assurance and Security (Studies in Computational Intelligence)
  12. by George Boole / 2011-12-28A Treatise on the Calculus of Finite Differences (Cambridge Library Collection - Mathematics)
  13. by Bela Bollobas / 2011-12-28Graph Theory: An Introductory Course (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
  14. by E. Bompiani / 2011-12-28Geometria del calcolo delle variazioni: Lectures given at a Summer School of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.) held in Saltino ... Summer Schools) (Italian and English Edition)
  15. by David G. Green, Terry R. J. Bossomaier / 2011-12-28Complex Systems
  16. by Umberto Bottazini / 2011-12-28The Higher Calculus: A History of Real and Complex Analysis from Euler to Weierstrass
  17. by N. Bourbaki / 2011-12-28Elements of Mathematics: Chapters 1-5
  18. by L. Boutet De Monvel, Victor Guillemin / 2011-12-28The Spectral Theory of Toeplitz Operators. (AM-99) (Annals of Mathematics Studies)
  19. by B. Hasselblatt, F. Takens, H. Broer / 2011-12-28Handbook of Dynamical Systems, Volume 3
  20. by Augusto Visintin, C. Verdi, I. Müller, J.F. Rodriguez, M. Brokate, N. Kenmochi / 2011-12-28Phase Transitions and Hysteresis: Lectures given at the 3rd Session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.) held in Montecatini ... Mathematics / C.I.M.E. Foundation Subseries)
  21. by Andrew G. Barto, Richard S. Sutton / 2011-12-28Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning)
  22. by Shmuel Weinberger / 2011-12-28The Topological Classification of Stratified Spaces (Chicago Lectures in Mathematics) free ebook download
  23. by Aless, Daniela Morale, G. Aletti, Martin Burger, Ra Micheletti / 2011-12-28Math Everywhere: Deterministic and Stochastic Modelling in Biomedicine, Economics and Industry
  24. by Diego A. Murio / 2011-12-28The Mollification Method and the Numerical Solution of Ill-Posed Problems
  25. by Mark Braverman, Michael Yampolsky / 2011-12-28Computability of Julia Sets (Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics)
  26. by English / 2011-12-28Vedic Mathematics Secrets
  27. by Jerry Howett / 2011-12-28McGraw-Hill's GED Mathematics Workbook
  28. by C.T. Dodson / 2011-12-28Categories, Bundles and Spacetime Topology (Mathematics and Its Applications)
  29. by Jonathan Bart, Michael A. Fligner, William I. Notz / 2011-12-28Sampling and Statistical Methods for Behavioral Ecologists
  30. by Charles Wells, Michael Barr / 2011-12-28Category Theory for Computing Science
  31. by John A. Adam / 2011-12-28Mathematics in Nature: Modeling Patterns in the Natural World
  32. by A. Van De Ven, C. Peters, W. Barth / 2011-12-28Compact Complex Surfaces (Series of Modern Surveys in Mathematics)
  33. by Wolfgang Bibel / 2011-12-28Deduction: Automated Logic
  34. by Wolfgang Bibel / 2011-12-28Automated Theorem Proving (Artificial Intelligence)
  35. by Klaus Bichteler / 2011-12-28Integration - A Functional Approach
  36. by Alex, Er Beilinson, Vladimir Drinfeld / 2011-12-28Chiral Algebras
  37. by Carlos A. Berenstein, Roger Gay / 2011-12-28Complex Analysis and Special Topics in Harmonic Analysis
  38. by S.B. Bhagavantam, T. Venkatarayudu / 2011-12-28Theory of Groups and Its Application to Physical Problems
  39. by Felipe Cucker, Lenore Blum, Michael Shub, Steve Smale / 2011-12-28Complexity and Real Computation
  40. by G. R. Liu / 2011-12-28Mesh Free Methods: Moving Beyond the Finite Element Method
  41. by Franz Pfuff / 2011-12-28Mathematik fur Wirtschaftswissenschaftler 1: Grundzuge der Analysis - Funktionen einer Variablen
  42. by Gerard W. Kelly / 2011-12-28Short-Cut Math
  43. by A. Katok, B. Hasselblatt / 2011-12-28Handbook of Dynamical Systems, Volume Volume 1A
  44. by Emer, Hans B / 2011-12-28Mathematics of Uncertainty: Ideas, Methods, Application Problems (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing)
  45. by Dana H. Ballard / 2011-12-28An Introduction to Natural Computation (Complex Adaptive Systems)
  46. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series / 2011-12-28A course of pure geometry; containing a complete geometrical treatment of the properties of the conic sections, by E. H. Askwith, D. D.
  47. by Michael N. Fried / 2011-12-28Edmond Halley's Reconstruction of the Lost Book of Apollonius's Conics: Translation and Commentary (Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences)
  48. by Jon Barwise, Lawrence S. Moss / 2011-12-28Vicious Circles
  49. by Benno Artmann / 2011-12-28Concept of Number: From Quaternions to Monads and Topological Fields (Mathematics and Its Applications)
  50. by Laura Laing / 2011-12-28Math for Grownups: Re-Learn the Arithmetic You Forgot From School So You Can
  51. by Lars-Erik Andersson, Neil F. Stewart / 2011-12-28Introduction to the Mathematics of Subdivision Surfaces
  52. by R G D Allen / 2011-12-28Mathematical Analysis for Economists
  53. by Archimedes / 2011-12-28The Works of Archimedes: Edited in Modern Notation with Introductory Chapters (Cambridge Library Collection - Mathematics)
  54. by A.V. Arkhangel'skii / 2011-12-28Topological Function Spaces (Mathematics and its Applications)
  55. by Alex, Er Arhangel'skii, Mikhail Tkachenko / 2011-12-28Topological Groups and Related Structures: An Introduction to Topological Algebra
  56. by Charles R. Wright, Kenneth A. Ross / 2011-12-29Discrete Mathematics (5th Edition)
  57. by George J. Klir / 2011-12-29Uncertainty and Information: Foundations of Generalized Information Theory
  58. by Lars V. Ahlfors / 2011-12-29Conformal Invariants: Topics in Geometric Function Theory
  59. by D. J. Acheson / 2011-12-29Elementary Fluid Dynamics (Oxford Applied Mathematics & Computing Science Series)
  60. by Christodoulos A. Floudas, Panos M. Pardalos / 2011-12-29Encyclopedia of Optimization, 2nd edition
  61. by Prof. Hannu Olkkonen / 2011-12-29Discrete Wavelet Transforms - Algorithms and Applications
  62. by Albrecht Pietsch / 2011-12-29Nuclear Locally Convex Spaces by Albrecht Pietsch
  63. by Paul Kirk James F. Davis / 2011-12-29Lecture Notes in Algebraic Topology (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, 35) by James F. Davis
  64. by David McMahon / 2011-12-29MATLAB Demystified
  65. by Harry Dym / 2011-12-29Linear Algebra in Action (Graduate Studies in Mathematics)
  66. by Ellen Kamischke, Eric Kamischke, Jerald Murdock / 2011-12-29Discovering Algebra: An Investigative Approach, 2 edition
  67. by S Barry / 2011-12-29Essential Mathematical Skills: For Students of Engineering, Science and Applied Mathematics
  68. by Clifford A. Pickover / 2011-12-29A Passion for Mathematics: Numbers, Puzzles, Madness, Religion, and the Quest for Reality
  69. by David Darling / 2011-12-29The Universal Book of Mathematics: From Abracadabra to Zeno's Paradoxes
  70. by Anthony Ralston, Philip Rabinowitz / 2011-12-29A First Course in Numerical Analysis: Second Edition
  71. by Theodore H. MacDonald / 2011-12-29Basic Concepts in Statistics and Epidemiology
  72. by Hal M. Saunders, Robert A. Carman / 2011-12-29Mathematics for the Trades (8th Edition)
  73. by Geraldine Brady / 2011-12-29From Peirce to Skolem, Volume 4: A Neglected Chapter in the History of Logic (Studies in the History and Philosophy of Mathematics)
  74. 2011-12-29Resolution of singularities of embedded algebraic surfaces
  75. by H. Bateman / 2011-12-29Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics
  76. by Thomas Riebinger / 2011-12-29Mathematik fur Ingenieure. Eine anschauliche Einfuhrung fur das praxisorientierte Studium (Auflage: 6)
  77. by Daniel Winkler, Hohere Mathematik / 2011-12-29Daniel Winkler - Hohere Mathematik fur Informatiker
  78. by Demetrios Christodoulou / 2011-12-29The Action Principle and Partial Differential Equations free ebook download
  79. by J.E. Humphreys / 2011-12-29Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
  80. by B.-W. Schulze / 2011-12-29Pseudo-Differential Operators on Manifolds with Singularities (Studies in Mathematics and its Applications)
  81. by Kenneth H. Rosen / 2011-12-29Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen
  82. by George E. P. Box, Gwilym M. Jenkins / 2011-12-29Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control (Revised Edition) by George E. P. Box
  83. by M.A. Naimark, A.I Stern / 2011-12-29Theory of Group Representations (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften) by M.A. Naimark
  84. by David Hecker, Stephen Andrilli / 2011-12-29Elementary Linear Algebra, Fourth Edition
  85. by Gerald B. Folland / 2011-12-29Introduction to Partial Differential Equations. Second Edition by Gerald B. Folland
  86. by Marcin E. Kuczma / 2011-12-29International Mathematical Olympiads, 1986-1999 (MAA Problem Book Series) by Marcin E. Kuczma
  87. by Edited by Akio Kawauchi / 2011-12-29Knots 90: Proceedings of the International Conference on Knot Theory and Related Topics by Akio Kawauchi
  88. by M. C. Crabb / 2011-12-29ZZ/2 - Homotopy Theory
  89. by Elimhan N Mahmudov / 2011-12-29Approximation and Optimization of Discrete and Differential Inclusions
  90. by T Moh, T. T. Moh / 2011-12-29Algebra (Series on University Mathematics))
  91. by Neil A. Weiss / 2011-12-29Elementary Statistics (8th Edition)
  92. by H. Vincent Poor, Olympia Hadjiliadis / 2011-12-29Quickest Detection
  93. by Er, G. Grubb, H. Komatsu, J. Sjöstr, J.M. Bony, L. Hörm, Lamberto Cattabriga, Luigi Rodino / 2011-12-29Microlocal Analysis and Applications: Lectures given at the 2nd Session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.) held at Montecatini ... Subseries) (English and French Edition)
  94. by Charles W. Curtis, Irving Reiner / 2011-12-29Methods of Representation Theory: With Applications to Finite Groups and Orders (Pure & Applied Mathematics)
  95. by Dov M. Gabbay, John Woods / 2011-12-29A Practical Logic of Cognitive Systems, Volume 2: The Reach of Abduction: Insight and Trial
  96. by Frank Morgan / 2011-12-29Geometric Measure Theory, Fourth Edition: A Beginner's Guide
  97. by Ken Binmore / 2011-12-29Playing for Real: A Text on Game Theory
  98. by George G. Szpiro / 2011-12-29Kepler's Conjecture: How Some of the Greatest Minds in History Helped Solve One of the Oldest Math Problems in the World
  99. by Sergey Bezuglyi, Sergiy Kolyada / 2011-12-29Topics in Dynamics and Ergodic Theory (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
  100. by L.H. Hodgkin, V.P. Snaith / 2011-12-29Topics in K-Theory: The Equivariant Kunneth Theorem in K-Theory. Dyer-Lashof operations in K-Theory (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)


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