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添加时间最新添加 数学 eBooks:

  1. by David S. Moore / 2012-01-01The Basic Practice of Statistics(5th Edition)
  2. by Michael J. Field / 2012-01-01Dynamics and Symmetry (Icp Advanced Texts in Mathematics)
  3. by Kermit Sigmon, Timothy A. Davis / 2012-01-01MATLAB Primer, 7th Edition
  4. by Mihai Putinar, Mikael Passare, Petter Brändén / 2012-01-01Notions of Positivity and the Geometry of Polynomials (Trends in Mathematics)
  5. by Edited by Norman Johnson / 2012-01-01Mostly Finite Geometries (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics) by Norman Johnson
  6. by Cliff Stein, Kenneth Bogart, Robert Drysdale / 2012-01-01Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists
  7. by Alex, Charles N. Delzell, Er Prestel / 2012-01-01Mathematical Logic and Model Theory: A Brief Introduction (Universitext)
  8. by Fuzhen Zhang / 2012-01-01Matrix Theory: Basic Results and Techniques (Universitext)
  9. by Alfred Peris Manguillot, Karl-G. Grosse-Erdmann / 2012-01-01Linear Chaos (Universitext)
  10. by Sergei Ovchinnikov / 2012-01-01Graphs and Cubes (Universitext)
  11. by Johannes Ueberberg / 2012-01-01Foundations of Incidence Geometry: Projective and Polar Spaces (Springer Monographs in Mathematics)
  12. by Olof Staffans / 2012-01-01Well-Posed Linear Systems (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)
  13. by Frederick Ronald Cohen / 2012-01-01The Homology of Iterated Loop Spaces (Lecture Notes in Mathematics; 533)
  14. by Pour La Science / 2012-01-01Le Fascinant Nombre Pi
  15. by Daniel Borcard, Francois Gillet, Pierre Legendre / 2012-01-01Numerical Ecology with R
  16. by R.H. R / 2012-01-01Computer Algebra in Applied Mathematics: Introduction to Macsyma (Research Notes in Mathematics Series)
  17. by Joris Van Der Hoeven / 2012-01-01Transseries and Real Differential Algebra (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  18. by Jeffrey Bergen / 2012-01-01A Concrete Approach to Abstract Algebra: From the Integers to the Insolvability of the Quintic
  19. by Arthur David Snider, Edward B. Saff, R. Kent Nagle / 2012-01-01Fundamentals of Differential Equations (8th Edition)
  20. by Les Methodes De Monte / 2012-01-01Les Methodes de Monte-Carlo
  21. by Bernard Lapeyre, Etienne Pardoux, Rémi Sentis / 2012-01-01Methodes de Monte-Carlo pour les equations de transport et de diffusion (Mathematiques et Applications) (French Edition)
  22. by Iain L. MacDonald, Walter Zucchini / 2012-01-01Hidden Markov and Other Models for Discrete- valued Time Series (Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics & Applied Probability)
  23. by Paolo Sibani, Peter Salamon, Richard Frost / 2012-01-01Facts, Conjectures, and Improvements for Simulated Annealing (SIAM Monographs on Mathematical Modeling and Computation)
  24. by Alfred DeMaris / 2012-01-01Regression With Social Data: Modeling Continuous and Limited Response Variables (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)
  25. by Allan D. R. McQuarrie, Chih-Ling Tsai / 2012-01-01Regression and Time Series Model Selection
  26. by William A. Adkins / 2012-01-01Algebra: An Approach Via Module Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
  27. by David Burton / 2012-01-01The History of Mathematics: An Introduction
  28. by Konrad Engel / 2012-01-01Sperner Theory (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, No. 65)
  29. by Stanislas Dehaene / 2012-01-01The Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics, Revised and Updated Edition
  30. by Sergey Dorofeev, Peter Grant / 2012-01-01Statistics for Real-Life Sample Surveys: Non-Simple-Random Samples and Weighted Data
  31. by Holger Wendland / 2012-01-01Scattered Data Approximation
  32. by Algebre Lin, Geometrie El / 2012-01-01Algebre Lineaire et Geometrie Elementaire
  33. by A. Provenzale, N.J. Balmforth / 2012-01-01Geomorphological Fluid Mechanics (Lecture Notes in Physics)
  34. by Edited by Dov M. Gabbay, John Woods / 2012-01-01Logic from Russell to Church, Volume 5 (Handbook of the History of Logic) free ebook download
  35. by David Y. Gao, Hanif D. Sherali / 2012-01-01Advances in Applied Mathematics and Global Optimization: In Honor of Gilbert Strang (Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics)
  36. by John Stillwell / 2012-01-01Naive Lie Theory
  37. by Computational Quantum Physics, Philippe de Forcrand, Matthias Troyer / 2012-01-01"Computational Quantum Physics" by Philippe de Forcrand, Matthias Troyer
  38. by Vladimir E. Nazaikinskii, V. E. Shatalov, Boris Yu Sternin / 2012-01-01Methods of Noncommutative Analysis. Theory and Applications
  39. by Lakhdar Aggoun, Robert J. Elliott / 2012-01-01Measure Theory and Filtering: Introduction and Applications
  40. by David Stirzaker / 2012-01-01Elementary Probability
  41. by Graham Allan, H. Garth Dales / 2012-01-01Introduction to Banach Spaces and Algebras (Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
  42. by Fran Hopf, Ignacio Bello / 2012-01-01Intermediate Algebra, 3 edition
  43. by Ronald G. Douglas / 2012-01-02Banach Algebra Techniques in Operator Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) (v. 179)
  44. by Benton L. Leong, Bruce W. Char, Gaston H. Gonnet, Keith O. Geddes, Michael B. Monagan, Stephen M. Watt / 2012-01-02First Leaves: A Tutorial Introduction to Maple V
  45. by Allan G. Bluman / 2012-01-02Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach
  46. by Bernd Wegner, Dirk Werner, Olaf Teschke / 2012-01-0280 Years of Zentralblatt MATH: 80 Footprints of Distinguished Mathematicians in Zentralblatt (English, German and French Edition)
  47. by Gen Komatsu, Masatake Kuranishi / 2012-01-02Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables
  48. by Jie Shen, Li-Lian Wang, Tao Tang / 2012-01-02Spectral Methods: Algorithms, Analysis and Applications (Springer Series in Computational Mathematics)
  49. by Charlene E. Beckmann, Denisse Rubilee Thompson, Rheta N. Rubenstein / 2012-01-02Teaching and Learning Middle Grades Mathematics (Key Curriculum Press)
  50. by James F. Crow, Motoo Kimura / 2012-01-02An Introduction to Population Genetics Theory
  51. by William Palm III / 2012-01-02Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers
  52. by Frank Ayres, Lloyd Jaisingh / 2012-01-02Schaum's Outline of Abstract Algebra
  53. by Dorin Andrica, Titu Andreescu, Zuming Feng / 2012-01-02104 Number Theory Problems: From the Training of the USA IMO Team
  54. by Brian Hahn, Dan Valentine / 2012-01-02Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition
  55. by LearningExpress Editors / 2012-01-02Just In Time Algebra
  56. by LearningExpress Editors / 2012-01-02Just in Time Geometry
  57. by David Wells / 2012-01-02Prime Numbers: The Most Mysterious Figures in Math
  58. by Allan Bluman / 2012-01-02Probability Demystified
  59. by Marcus Du Sautoy / 2012-01-02The Music of the Primes: Searching to Solve the Greatest Mystery in Mathematics
  60. by Bob Miller / 2012-01-02Bob Miller's Basic Math and Pre-Algebra for the Clueless
  61. by Robert G. Underwood / 2012-01-02An Introduction to Hopf Algebras
  62. by Attouch / 2012-01-02Variational Convergence for Functions and Operators (Applicable mathematics series)
  63. by Jian-Yi Shi / 2012-01-02The Kazhdan-Lusztig Cells in Certain Affine Weyl Groups (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  64. by George Isac / 2012-01-02Complementarity Problems (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  65. by Attouch / 2012-01-02Variational Convergence for Functions and Operators (Applicable mathematics series)
  66. by Jian-Yi Shi / 2012-01-02The Kazhdan-Lusztig Cells in Certain Affine Weyl Groups (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  67. by George Isac / 2012-01-02Complementarity Problems (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  68. by R. Stoop, W.-H Steeb / 2012-01-02Berechenbares Chaos in dynamischen Systemen
  69. by Martin Wie?ner, Wolfgang Luh / 2012-01-02Aufgabensammlung Analysis, 4 Bde., Bd.2, Funktionenfolgen und Funktionenreihen, Elementare Funktionen, Differentialrechnung und Integralrechnung
  70. by Jaakko Hintikka / 2012-01-02Knowledge and Belief: An Introduction to the Logic of the Two Notions
  71. by Hervé Moulin / 2012-01-02Fair Division and Collective Welfare
  72. by Werner Ballmann / 2012-01-02Lectures on Spaces of Nonpositive Curvature (Oberwolfach Seminars) by Werner Ballmann
  73. by M.A. Akivis, V.V. Goldberg / 2012-01-02Introductory Linear Algebra by M. A. Akivis
  74. by Stephen P. Bradley, Arnoldo C. Hax, Thomas L. Magnanti / 2012-01-02Applied Mathematical Programming by Stephen P. Bradley
  75. by Yves Hellegouarch / 2012-01-02Invitation to the Mathematics of Fermat-Wiles free ebook download
  76. by Thomas P. Ryan / 2012-01-02Modern Regression Methods (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Thomas P. Ryan
  77. by B. A. Fuks / 2012-01-02Introduction to the Theory of Analytic Functions of Several Complex Variables by B. A. Fuks
  78. by Edited by Toshiki Mabuchi, Shigeru Mukai / 2012-01-02Einstein Metrics and Yang-mills Connections (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics) by Toshiki Mabuchi
  79. by Cesar Camacho, Alcides Lins Neto, Neto Alcides Lins / 2012-01-02Geometry Theory of Foliations by Cesar Camacho
  80. by Alan J. Weir / 2012-01-02General Integration and Measure by Alan J. Weir
  81. 2012-01-04Abstract Algebra: An Interactive Approach (repost)
  82. by Edited by Stephan Hubmann, Brigitte Lutz-Westphal, Andreas Brieden, Peter Gritzmann, Martin Grotschel, Timo Leuders / 2012-01-05Kombinatorische Optimierung erleben: In Studium und Unterricht: Im Studium und Unterricht
  83. by Ingenieur Mathematik / 2012-01-05Timischl, Kaiser - Ingenieur Mathematik, Band 2
  84. by Ingenieur Mathematik / 2012-01-05Timischl, Kaiser - Ingenieur Mathematik, Band 1
  85. by S.Kh. Aranson, I.U. Bronshtein, V.Z. Grines, Yu.S. Ilyashenko, D.V. Anosov, V.I. Arnold / 2012-01-05S.Kh. Aranson, "Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems"
  86. by Susanna C. Manrubia, Alexander S. Mikhailov, Damian H. Zanette / 2012-01-05Emergence of Dynamical Order
  87. by Jeff McCalla, Steve Ouellette / 2012-01-06TI-Nspire For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) free ebook download
  88. by Andrew Simpson / 2012-01-06[request][request ebook] Discrete Mathematics by Example
  89. by James L. Hein / 2012-01-06[request]Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability 3edition
  90. by Steven H. Weintraub / 2012-01-06Representation Theory of Finite Groups: Algebra and Arithmetic by Steven H. Weintraub
  91. by A.V. Bolsinov, A.T. Fomenko / 2012-01-06"Integrable Hamiltonian Systems: Geometry, Topology, Classification" by A.V. Bolsinov, A.T. Fomenko
  92. 2012-01-06Modern Geometry. Methods and Applications: Part 2: The Geometry and Topology of Manifolds
  93. by Clifford Swartz / 2012-01-06Back-of-the-Envelope Physics (Johns Hopkins Paperback) free ebook download
  94. 2012-01-06Siegfried Bosch, "Algebra" (repost)
  95. by A.T. Fomenko / 2012-01-06"A Short Course in Differential Geometry and Topology" by A.T. Fomenko, A.S. Mishchenko
  96. 2012-01-07How to Fold It: The Mathematics of Linkages, Origami and Polyhedra
  97. by Neil Burdess / 2012-01-07Starting Statistics: A Short, Clear Guide free ebook download
  98. by Julian Havil / 2012-01-07Impossible?: Surprising Solutions to Counterintuitive Conundrums
  99. by Karl J. Astrom / 2012-01-07Introduction to Stochastic Control Theory (Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Volume 70) by Karl J. Astrom
  100. by Arthur Latham Baker / 2012-01-07Quaternions as the result of algebraic operations by Arthur Latham Baker


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