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添加时间最新添加 数学 eBooks:

  1. by Siu-ah Ng / 2012-09-07Nonstandard Methods in Functional Analysis: Lectures and Notes
  2. by Karl Kunisch, Kazufumi Ito / 2012-09-07Lagrange Multiplier Approach to Variational Problems and Applications (Advances in Design and Control)
  3. by Leonid P. Lebedev, Michael J. Cloud, Victor A. Eremeyev / 2012-09-07Tensor Analysis With Applications in Mechanics
  4. by Alain Le Mehaute / 2012-09-07Fractal Geometries Theory and Applications
  5. by Jean-Marie Morvan / 2012-09-07Generalized Curvatures (Geometry and Computing, Vol. 2)
  6. by Desanka P. Radunovic / 2012-09-08Wavelets: From Math to Practice
  7. 2012-09-10TTC Training – Mathematics Describing the Real World: Precalculus and Trigonometry
  8. 2012-09-15Gary K. Rockswold, "Essentials of College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization, 4th Edition"
  9. 2012-09-16Essentials of College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization, 4th Edition
  10. by David Alan Herzog / 2012-09-18Teach Yourself VISUALLY Algebra
  11. by Dale W. Johnson M.A. / 2012-09-18Teach Yourself VISUALLY Calculus (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer)
  12. by Athanase Papadopoulos / 2012-09-18Handbook Of Teichmuller Theory: Volume III
  13. by Alain-Sol Sznitman / 2012-09-18Topics in Occupation Times and Gaussian Free Fields (Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics)
  14. by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons / 2012-09-18A Concrete Approach to Mathematical Modelling (Wiley-Interscience Paperback Series)
  15. by Phillip Griffiths / 2012-09-18Exterior Differential Systems and the Calculus of Variations (Progress in Mathematics)
  16. by Koen Thas / 2012-09-18A Course on Elation Quadrangles (Ems Series of Lectures in Mathematics)
  17. by David Martin, Paul Urban / 2012-09-18Mathematics for the International Students: IB Dipolma HL Core
  18. by Nikolai N Vorobev / 2012-09-18Game Theory: Lectures for Economists and Systems Scientists (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability)
  19. by I.A. Ibragimov, Y.A. Rozanov / 2012-09-18Gaussian Random Processes (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability)
  20. by Phillip I. Good / 2012-09-18Analyzing the Large Number of Variables in Biomedical and Satellite Imagery
  21. by W.M. Wonham / 2012-09-18Linear Multivariable Control: A Geometric Approach (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability)
  22. by Alfio Quarteroni, Andreas Veeser, Kunibert G. Siebert, Ricardo H. Nochetto, Silvia Bertoluzza / 2012-09-18Multiscale and Adaptivity: Modeling, Numerics and Applications
  23. by A. A. Borovkov / 2012-09-18Stochastic Processes in Queueing Theory (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability)
  24. by Alampallam V. Balakrishnan / 2012-09-18Applied Functional Analysis (Applications of Mathematics)
  25. by Leo G. Rebholz, William J. Layton / 2012-09-18Approximate Deconvolution Models of Turbulence: Analysis, Phenomenology and Numerical Analysis (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  26. by André Weil / 2012-09-18Elliptic Functions according to Eisenstein and Kronecker
  27. by Jan R. Magnus, Karim M. Abadir / 2012-09-18Matrix Algebra (Econometric Exercises)
  28. by David Phoenix / 2012-09-18Introductory Mathematics for the Life Sciences (Modules in Life Science Series)
  29. by Richard H. Enns / 2012-09-18It's a Nonlinear World (Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics and Technology)
  30. by Lars Diening, Michael Ruzicka, Peter Hästö, Petteri Harjulehto / 2012-09-18Lebesgue and Sobolev Spaces with Variable Exponents (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  31. by Bernard Linsky / 2012-09-18The Evolution of Principia Mathematica: Bertrand Russell's Manuscripts and Notes for the Second Edition
  32. by J. F. James / 2012-09-18A Student's Guide to Fourier Transforms: With Applications in Physics and Engineering, 2nd Ed
  33. by Hostetler, Larson / 2012-09-18Elementary and Intermediate Algebra A Combined Course
  34. by Manhattan GMAT / 2012-09-18Geometry GMAT Strategy Guide, 4th Edition (Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guides)
  35. by Arthur David Snider, Edward B. Saff, R. Kent Nagle / 2012-09-18Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems (6th Edition)
  36. 2012-09-18Raymond A. Barnett, "Precalculus: Graphs & Models, 3rd Edition"
  37. by Octavia Couture / 2012-09-18Unsolved Problems In Mathematics
  38. by Clifford A. Pickover / 2012-09-18Keys to Infinity
  39. by Clifford A. Pickover / 2012-09-18The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars: An Exhibition of Surprising Structures across Dimensions
  40. by David Edwards / 2012-09-19Introduction to Graphical Modelling
  41. 2012-09-19Mary P. Dolciani, "Pre-Algebra, Student Edition"
  42. by Georg Denk, Michael H. Breitner, Peter Rentrop / 2012-09-19From Nano to Space: Applied Mathematics Inspired by Roland Bulirsch
  43. by Douglas C. Montgomery, George C. Runger / 2012-09-19Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, Student Workbook with Solutions
  44. by Marvin K. Simon / 2012-09-19Probability Distributions Involving Gaussian Random Variables: A Handbook for Engineers and Scientists
  45. by Daphne Koller, Nir Friedman / 2012-09-19Probabilistic Graphical Models: Principles and Techniques (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series)
  46. by Armin Iske, Emmanuil H Georgoulis, Jeremy Levesley / 2012-09-19Approximation Algorithms for Complex Systems
  47. by Sándor Dominich / 2012-09-19The Modern Algebra of Information Retrieval (The Information Retrieval Series)
  48. by Henk Tijms / 2012-09-19Understanding Probability: Chance Rules in Everyday Life
  49. by Henk Tijms / 2012-09-19Understanding Probability: Chance Rules in Everyday Life
  50. by Sándor Dominich / 2012-09-19The Modern Algebra of Information Retrieval (The Information Retrieval Series)
  51. by Kurt Gödel / 2012-09-19Kurt Gödel, "On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems"
  52. by Maxwell Rosenlicht / 2012-09-20Introduction to Analysis (Dover Books on Mathematics)
  53. by Bogdan Enescu, Titu Andreescu / 2012-09-20Mathematical Olympiad Treasures, 2nd edition
  54. by Alex, Er Schrijver / 2012-09-20Theory of Linear and Integer Programming
  55. by James M Hyslop / 2012-09-20Infinite Series (Dover Books on Mathematics)
  56. by S. M. Sinha / 2012-09-20Mathematical Programming: Theory and Methods
  57. by John N. McDonald, Neil A. Weiss / 2012-09-20A Course in Real Analysis
  58. by William C. Bauldry / 2012-09-20Introduction to Real Analysis: An Educational Approach
  59. by Nassim Nicholas Taleb / 2012-09-20Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in the Markets and in Life
  60. by Saul Stahl / 2012-09-20Real Analysis: A Historical Approach (Pure and Applied Mathematics)
  61. by Edward J. Barbeau, Murray S. Klamkin, William O. J. Moser / 2012-09-20Five Hundred Mathematical Challenges (Spectrum)
  62. by Norbert Herrmann / 2012-09-20The Beauty of Everyday Mathematics
  63. by Leonard Mlodinow / 2012-09-20The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives
  64. by Stephen Cole Kleene / 2012-09-20Mathematical Logic (Dover Books on Mathematics)
  65. by David Charles McCarty, John B. Bacon, Michael Detlefsen / 2012-09-20Logic from A to Z: REP Glossary of Logical and Mathematical Terms (Routledge A-Z)
  66. by W. D. Wallis / 2012-09-20A Beginner's Guide to Discrete Mathematics
  67. by Melanie Mitchell / 2012-09-20Complexity: A Guided Tour (Oxford University Press)
  68. by James S. Tanton / 2012-09-20Solve This: Math Activities for Students and Clubs (Classroom Resource Materials)
  69. by Miklos Bona, Sergei Shabanov / 2012-09-20Concepts in Calculus I
  70. by Edward A. Bender, S. Gill Williamson / 2012-09-20A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics (Dover Books on Computer Science)
  71. by Adams, Colin C. Adams / 2012-09-20Knot Book
  72. by Janos Suranyi, Paul Erdos / 2012-09-20Topics in the Theory of Numbers
  73. by Rufus Isaacs / 2012-09-20Differential Games: A Mathematical Theory with Applications to Warfare and Pursuit, Control and Optimization (Dover Books on Mathematics)
  74. by Rick Durrett / 2012-09-20Probability: Theory and Examples ( Series in Statistical and Probabilistic Mathematics)
  75. by Dieter Hoffmann, Wilhelm Forst / 2012-09-20Optimization - Theory and Practice
  76. by Mathematics, Robert Everist Greene, Theodore W. Gamelin / 2012-09-20Introduction to Topology: Second Edition (Dover Books on Mathematics)
  77. by David M. Bressoud / 2012-09-20Second Year Calculus: From Celestial Mechanics to Special Relativity (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics / Readings in Mathematics)
  78. by J. David Logan / 2012-09-20A First Course in Differential Equations
  79. by Anadi Jiban Das / 2012-09-20Tensors: The Mathematics of Relativity Theory and Continuum Mechanics
  80. by Harvey Cohn / 2012-09-20Advanced Number Theory (Dover Books on Mathematics)
  81. by Lawrence C. Evans / 2012-09-20Partial Differential Equations: Second Edition (Graduate Studies in Mathematics)
  82. by Guillermo Owen / 2012-09-20Game Theory,3rd edition
  83. by Andrew M. Gleason, Andrew Pasquale, Daniel E. Flath, David Lovelock, David O. Lomen, Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Douglas Quinney, / 2012-09-20Calculus: Multivariable
  84. by Andrew Knight / 2012-09-20Basics of MATLAB and Beyond
  85. by Jeffery Cooper / 2012-09-20A Matlab Companion for Multivariable Calculus
  86. by Dean G. Duffy / 2012-09-20Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB, Second Edition
  87. by Fajie Li, Reinhard Klette / 2012-09-20Euclidean Shortest Paths: Exact or Approximate Algorithms
  88. by Inc. Barcharts / 2012-09-20Calculus 1 (Quickstudy Reference Guides - Academic)
  89. by Inc. Barcharts / 2012-09-20Calculus 2 (Quickstudy: Academic)
  90. by Inc. Barcharts / 2012-09-20Logic (Quickstudy: Academic)
  91. by Inc. Barcharts / 2012-09-20Trigonometry (Quickstudy: Academic)
  92. by Hans Opolka, Winfried Scharlau / 2012-09-22From Fermat to Minkowski: Lectures on the Theory of Numbers and Its Historical Development
  93. by Peter W. Michor / 2012-09-22Topics in Differential Geometry (Graduate Studies in Mathematics)
  94. by C. G. Gibson / 2012-09-22Elementary Geometry of Algebraic Curves: An Undergraduate Introduction
  95. by Michael F. Barnsley / 2012-09-22Fractals Everywhere
  96. by Qing Liu / 2012-09-22Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Curves (Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
  97. by Theoni Pappas / 2012-09-22The Joy of Mathematics: Discovering Mathematics All Around You
  98. by Paul A. Foerster / 2012-09-22Precalculus with Trigonometry: Concepts and Connections
  99. by Paul A. Foerster / 2012-09-22Calculus: Concepts and Applications
  100. by LearningExpress Editors / 2012-09-22Express Review Guide: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra


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