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添加时间最新添加 物理 eBooks:

  1. 2011-11-05Electronic Circuits and Tubes by Cruft Laboratory
  2. 2011-11-05Electronic and Optical Properties of d-Band Perovskites by Thomas Wolfram (Repost)
  3. 2011-11-05Fundamental Trends in Fluid-structure Interaction (repost)
  4. 2011-11-05Jets from Young Stars: Models and Constraints (repost)
  5. 2011-11-05Electronic Structure Calculations for Solids and Molecules: Theory and Computational Methods by Jorge Kohanoff (Repost)
  6. 2011-11-05The MOCVD Challenge: A survey for photonic and electronic device applications by M. Razeghi (Repost)
  7. 2011-11-05A. J. Chorin, "A mathematical introduction to fluid mechanics"
  8. 2011-11-05Nanocomposites: Ionic Conducting Materials and Structural Spectroscopies by Philippe Knauth (Repost)
  9. 2011-11-05Lead-Free Electronic Solders: Materials in Electronics by KV Subramanian (Repost)
  10. 2011-11-05Introduction to Plasma Spectroscopy (Repost)
  11. 2011-11-05Adaptive High-order Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics
  12. 2011-11-05The Joy of Discovery: Great Encounters Along the Way
  13. 2011-11-05Spin Dynamics in Confined Magnetic Structures II (repost)
  14. 2011-11-05Advances in Fluid Mechanics VII
  15. 2011-11-05Relaxation Dynamics in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas
  16. 2011-11-05Springer Handbook of Acoustics (repost)
  17. 2011-11-05Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics: For Engineering and the Physical Sciences (Repost)
  18. 2011-11-05Handbook on Applications of Ultrasound: Sonochemistry for Sustainability
  19. 2011-11-05Mathematical Theory of Dispersion-Managed Optical Solitons (Repost)
  20. 2011-11-05Jean-Pierre Rozelot, "Solar and Heliospheric Origins of Space Weather Phenomena" (repost)
  21. by Willi-Hans Steeb, Yorick Hardy / 2011-11-06Problems & Solutions in Quantum Computing & Quantum Information
  22. by Kyriakos Tamvakis / 2011-11-06Problems and Solutions in Quantum Mechanics
  23. by n/a / 2011-11-06Physiques des solitons
  24. by Ian Brock, Thomas Sch?rner-Sadenius / 2011-11-06Physics at the Terascale
  25. by Christina A. Knapek / 2011-11-06Phase Transitions in Two-Dimensional Complex Plasmas (Springer Theses)
  26. by Edited by Luc Blanchet, Alessandro Spallicci, Bernard Whiting / 2011-11-07Mass and Motion in General Relativity
  27. by R. N. Sen / 2011-11-07Causality, Measurement Theory and the Differentiable Structure of Space-Time (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) free ebook download
  28. by Lev Landau, Evgenij Lifsits, Fisica Teorica / 2011-11-07Lev Landau e Evgenij Lifsits - Corso di Fisica Teorica (9 volume set)
  29. by Henning Fouckhardt / 2011-11-07Halbleiterlaser: unter Verwendung Fourier-optischer Methoden
  30. 2011-11-07Newton - Ottobre 2011
  31. by J. C. Phillips / 2011-11-07Bonds and Bands in Semiconductors
  32. by Algebraic Quantum Scattering / 2011-11-08Inverse and Algebraic Quantum Scattering Theory
  33. by Edited by Pierre van Baal / 2011-11-09Confinement, Duality, and Non-Perturbative Aspects of QCD
  34. by Charlotte Froese-Fischer, T Brage, P Johnsson / 2011-11-09Computational Atomic Structure: An MCHF Approach
  35. by Roger Temam / 2011-11-09Infinite Dimensonal Dynamical Systems in Mechanics and Physics (Applied Mathematical Sciences) (v. 68)
  36. by Edited by Yung-Kuo Lim / 2011-11-09Problems and Solutions on Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics
  37. by Daniel Royer, Eugene Dieulesaint / 2011-11-09Elastic Waves in Solids I: Free and Guided Propagation (Advanced Texts in Physics)
  38. by Charlotte Froese-Fischer, T Brage / 2011-11-09Computational Atomic Structure: An MCHF Approach free ebook download
  39. by Hans-Joachim Kunze / 2011-11-09Introduction to Plasma Spectroscopy
  40. by Gianfranco Cerofolini / 2011-11-09Nanoscale Devices: Fabrication, Functionalization, and Accessibility from the Macroscopic World
  41. by Edited by Q. P. Sun, P. Tong / 2011-11-10IUTAM Symposium on Size Effects on Material and Structural Behavior at Micron- and Nano-Scales
  42. by J. P. McEvoy / 2011-11-10Introducing Stephen Hawking
  43. by Edited by Marco Fanciulli / 2011-11-10Electron Spin Resonance and Related Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Structures
  44. by John M. Wills, Mebarek Alouani, Per Andersson, Anna Delin, Olle Eriksson, Oleksiy Grechnyev / 2011-11-10Full-Potential Electronic Structure Method
  45. by Edited by L.H. Aller, I. Appenzeller, B. Baschek, K. Butler, C. de Loore, H.W. Duerbeck, M.F. El Eid, H.H. Fink, T. Herczeg, T / 2011-11-10Astronomy and astropyhysics: Stars and Star Clusters
  46. by Edited by Pietro Ferraro, Simonetta Grilli, Paolo de Natale / 2011-11-10Ferroelectric Crystals for Photonic Applications: Including Nanoscale Fabrication and Characterization Techniques
  47. by Robert DiSalle / 2011-11-10Understanding Space-Time: The Philosophical Development of Physics from Newton to Einstein
  48. by Kin P. Cheung / 2011-11-11Plasma Charging Damage
  49. by Michael Buckley / 2011-11-11Physical Science (Curriculum Binders (Reproducibles))
  50. by Rita G. Lerner (Editor), George L. Trigg (Editor) / 2011-11-11[request]Encyclopedia of Physics, 3rd Edition, 2 Volumes
  51. by N/A / 2011-11-11Phase Microscopy Principles and Applications
  52. by N/A / 2011-11-11Phase Microscopy Principles and Applications
  53. 2011-11-12MCAT - Gold Standard MCAT Physics
  54. by Optical Society of America / 2011-11-12Handbook of Optics, Vol. III
  55. by Moshe Carmeli / 2011-11-12Group Theory and General Relativity
  56. by Herman A. Haus / 2011-11-12Electromagnetic Noise and Quantum Optical Measurements (Advanced Texts in Physics)
  57. by Dalton D. Schnack / 2011-11-12Lectures in Magnetohydrodynamics: With an Appendix on Extended MHD (Lecture Notes in Physics)
  58. by D.V. Shirkov, N.N. Bogoliubov / 2011-11-12Introduction to the Theory of Quantized Fields
  59. by Kyuichiro Washizu / 2011-11-12Variational Methods in Elasticity and Plasticity (Monographs in Aeronautics & Astronautics)
  60. by Arno Bohm / 2011-11-12Quantum Mechanics
  61. by T. H. Stix, Thomas H. Stix / 2011-11-12Waves in Plasmas
  62. by S.R. Elliott / 2011-11-12Physics of Amorphous Materials
  63. by Edited by Franco F. Orsucci, Nicoletta Sala / 2011-11-12Chaos and Complexity Research Compendium, Volume 1
  64. by Vladimir Troyan, Yurii Kiselev / 2011-11-12Statistical Methods of Geophysical Data Processing
  65. by K. Thyagarajan, Ajoy Ghatak / 2011-11-12Lasers: Fundamentals and Applications (Graduate Texts in Physics)
  66. by Edited by Dudley Cecil Creagh BSc (1 Hons) Dip Ed (Qld) MSc (UNE) MSc (Brist) PhD (NSW) CPhys CEng FInstP FAIP, David Bradley / 2011-11-12Physical Techniques in the Study of Art, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. Volume 2
  67. by David J. Tannor / 2011-11-13Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: A Time-Dependent Perspective
  68. by J. Schwinger, Kimball A. Milton / 2011-11-13Electromagnetic Radiation: Variational Methods, Waveguides and Accelerators
  69. by Brian Heimbecker, Igor Nowikow / 2011-11-13Physics : Concepts and Connections, third edition
  70. by Gary F. Moring / 2011-11-13The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Einstein
  71. by Faughn, Serway / 2011-11-13Holt Physics
  72. by au, E.M. Lifshitz, L D L / 2011-11-13Fluid Mechanics, Second Edition: Volume 6 (Course of Theoretical Physics)
  73. by Bernard F. Schutz / 2011-11-13Geometrical Methods in Mathematical Physics
  74. by E.M. Lifshitz, L. P. Pitaevskii / 2011-11-13Physical Kinetics: Volume 10 (Course of Theoretical Physics)
  75. by Ben P. Stein, P. Andrew Karam / 2011-11-13Light and Sound (Science Foundations)
  76. by Claude Leroy / 2011-11-13Astroparticle, Particle and Space Physics, Detectors and Medical Physics Applications: Proceedings of the 11th Conference
  77. by Steve Adams / 2011-11-13Relativity: An Introduction to Spacetime Physics
  78. by Jeremy Bernstein / 2011-11-13Quantum Leaps
  79. by Alej, Jan Jolie, Pieter van Isacker, ro Frank / 2011-11-13Symmetries in Atomic Nuclei: From Isospin to Supersymmetry (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics)
  80. by Guihua Zeng / 2011-11-13Quantum Private Communication
  81. by John R. Vacca / 2011-11-13Holograms & Holography: Design, Techniques, & Commercial Applications (Science and Computing Series)
  82. by A. Faessler, G.K. Leontaris, T.S. Kosmas / 2011-11-13Symmetries in Intermediate and High Energy Physics (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics)
  83. by er Maier, Stefan Alex / 2011-11-13Plasmonics: Fundamentals and applications
  84. by John C. Slater, Nathaniel H. Frank / 2011-11-13Electromagnetism,2011
  85. by Supriyo Datta / 2011-11-13Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor
  86. by Murray Sargent, Pierre Meystre / 2011-11-13Elements of Quantum Optics
  87. by James F. Feagin / 2011-11-13Quantum Methods with Mathematica
  88. by Klaus D. Sattler / 2011-11-13Handbook of Nanophysics: Clusters and Fullerenes
  89. by Her Mann Tsai, Mohamed Gad-el-Hak / 2011-11-13Transition and turbulence control
  90. by Alex, Nikolai, rovich Magnitskii, Sergey Vasilevich Sidorov / 2011-11-13New methods for chaotic dynamics
  91. by John R, Milford / 2011-11-13Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory
  92. by André F. Verbeure / 2011-11-13Many-Body Boson Systems: Half a Century Later (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics)
  93. by Hans Jürgen Korsch, Hans-Jörg Jodl, Timo Hartmann / 2011-11-13Chaos: A Program Collection for the PC (3 rd. edition)
  94. by Marvin H. Mittleman / 2011-11-13Introduction to the Theory of Laser-Atom Interactions (Physics of Atoms and Molecules)
  95. by el, Paul M / 2011-11-13Theoretical Problems in Cavity Nonlinear Optics (Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics)
  96. by Delhi / 2011-11-13The Story of Physics,2005
  97. by Soshin Chikazumi / 2011-11-13Physics of Ferromagnetism (The International Series of Monographs on Physics) by Soshin Chikazumi
  98. by G. Honyek, K. F. Riley, P. Gnädig / 2011-11-13200 Puzzling Physics Problems
  99. by Bjoern Felsager / 2011-11-13Geometry, Particles, and Fields (Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics)
  100. by Felix A. Buot / 2011-11-13Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport Physics In Nanosystems: Foundation Of Computational Nonequilibrium Physics In Nanoscience And Nanotechnology


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