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  1. 2009-05-15French Warships of World War II
  2. 2009-05-15Panzerwaffe Poland 1944
  3. 2009-05-15Germany's Tiger Tanks: VK45.02 to TIGER II. Design, Production & Modifications
  4. 2009-05-15Archaeology in Latin America
  5. 2009-05-15The Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire 2 volume set: Volume 3, AD 527-641 (Vol 3)
  6. 2009-05-15Maids and Mistresses, Cousins and Queens: Women's Alliances in Early Modern England
  7. 2009-05-15War, Religion and Court Patronage in Habsburg Austria: The Social and Cultural Dimensions of Political Interaction, 1521-1622
  8. 2009-05-15Paths of Resistance: Tradition and Dignity in Industrializing Missouri
  9. 2009-05-15My Century in History: Memoirs
  10. 2009-05-15Sara Elise Phang - Roman Military Service: Ideologies of Discipline in the Late Republic and Early Principate
  11. 2009-05-15The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution
  12. 2009-05-16Гарольд Мэттингли "Монеты Рима"
  13. 2009-05-16A Companion to the Roman Republic (Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World)
  14. 2009-05-16Inside Delta Force: The Story of America's Elite Counterterrorist Unit
  15. 2009-05-16Н. Якубович. Истребитель Ла-5. Кошмарный сон "бубновых тузов"
  16. 2009-05-16Tiger Tanks
  17. 2009-05-16Ракеты "Факела" / Fakel`s Missilles
  18. 2009-05-16Planning Derry: Planning and Politics in Northern Ireland
  19. 2009-05-16Why American History Is Not What They Say: An Introduction to Revisionism
  20. 2009-05-16Security in Mexico: Implications for U.S. Policy Options
  21. 2009-05-16Iran: From Religious Dispute to Revolution
  22. 2009-05-16Focke-Wulf Ta 152
  23. 2009-05-16Piracy - The East Africa / Somalia Situation
  24. 2009-05-16Making Ecuadorian Histories: Four Centuries of Defining Power
  25. 2009-05-17А.Н. Медведь, Д.Б. Хазанов. МиГ-3. Первый фронтовой высотный истребитель
  26. 2009-05-17The Case for Gold
  27. 2009-05-17Русские форменные пуговицы 1797-1917 гг.
  28. 2009-05-17Металлическая символика фашистской Германии
  29. 2009-05-17Пулеметы русской армии в бою
  30. 2009-05-17Herby i znaki mennicze na trojakach polskich
  31. 2009-05-17Gabinet medalow polskich
  32. 2009-05-17Japanese WWII Aircraft in Colour
  33. 2009-05-17Terahertz Science And Technology For Military And Security Applications (Selected Topics in Electronics and Systems)
  34. 2009-05-17In Search of Captain Cook: Exploring the Man through His Own Words
  35. 2009-05-17Агония и смерть Адольфа Гитлера
  36. 2009-05-17A Companion to Greek Rhetoric (Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World)
  37. 2009-05-17US Navy F-14 Tomcat Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom-Combat Aircraft Series 52
  38. 2009-05-17Самолет КОР-1
  39. 2009-05-17Warplanes of the Luftwaffe (Repost)
  40. 2009-05-18Tigers in Combat, Vol. 1
  41. 2009-05-18The Turnstone: A Doctor's Story
  42. 2009-05-18Pistols: An Illustrated history Of Their Impact
  43. 2009-05-18Cold War Exiles in Mexico: U.S. Dissidents and the Culture of Critical Resistance
  44. 2009-05-18The Great Crash of 1929 (Audiobook)
  45. 2009-05-18The Blind African Slave: Memoirs of Boyrereau Brinch, Nicknamed Jeffrey Brace (Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography)
  46. 2009-05-18Deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls
  47. 2009-05-18Exit-Architecture. Design Between War and Peace: With a Foreword by Heiner Mühlmann and a Project by Exit Ltd.
  48. 2009-05-18Kengo Kuma: Selected Works
  49. 2009-05-18A Companion to Japanese History (Blackwell Companions to World History)
  50. 2009-05-18Wydawnictwo Militaria 90 - Samochody Wehrmachtu vol.II
  51. 2009-05-18History of Initiation
  52. 2009-05-18Wydawnictwo Militaria 89 - Panzer Colours vol. IV
  53. 2009-05-18Wydawnictwo Militaria 88 - Sojusznicy Luftwaffe. Bulgaria
  54. 2009-05-18Wydawnictwo Militaria 87 - 4 Panzer divizion 1939-1943
  55. 2009-05-18A Companion to the Classical Tradition (Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World)
  56. 2009-05-18Wydawnictwo Militaria 86 - Waffen SS
  57. 2009-05-18С. Бурдин. Ракетоносец Ту-22К. История, конструкция, вооружение, боевое применение
  58. 2009-05-18The Complete Guide to Lincoln Cents
  59. 2009-05-18The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra
  60. 2009-05-18Essays on Halakhah in the New Testament (Jewish and Christian Perspectives Series)
  61. 2009-05-18Russia and the Origins of the First World War - Lieven (1983)
  62. 2009-05-18Mi-28 Havoc-Paper models
  63. 2009-05-18A History of Farming Systems Research
  64. 2009-05-19Was Ist Was Band 126: Deutschland
  65. 2009-05-19The Voyage of the Beagle
  66. 2009-05-19Deutschland jenseits des Aequators
  67. 2009-05-19Танки вермахта
  68. 2009-05-19William Harding Carter And the American Army: A Soldier's Story
  69. 2009-05-19Frigid Embrace: Politics, Economics, and Environment in Alaska
  70. 2009-05-19Grumman E2 Hawkeye
  71. 2009-05-19Companion to Social Archaeology
  72. 2009-05-19Critical Companion to Kurt Vonnegut: A Literary Reference to His Life and Work (Facts on File Library of American Literature)
  73. 2009-05-19Arctic Peoples (Native America)
  74. 2009-05-19U-Boat War Patrol - The Hidden Photographic Diary of U 564
  75. 2009-05-19Terry Rugeley - Maya Wars: Ethnographic Accounts from Nineteenth-Century Yucatan
  76. 2009-05-19Collecting Military Antiques
  77. 2009-05-19Боевые награды Третьего Рейха
  78. 2009-05-19Хилари Кей "Куклы, игры и игрушки" [RePost]
  79. 2009-05-19F-15C Eagle Units in Combat-Combat Aircraft Series 53
  80. 2009-05-20Maha-bharata: The Epic of Ancient India
  81. 2009-05-20The Johnstown Flood of 1889 (Great Historic Disasters) (Library Binding)
  82. 2009-05-20Pollution of Lakes and Rivers
  83. 2009-05-20The Second Oswald
  84. 2009-05-20The Dam Busters: A British Film Guide
  85. 2009-05-20The Rise of Homo sapiens: The Evolution of Modern Thinking
  86. 2009-05-20A Legal History of Rome
  87. 2009-05-20A Companion to Russian History
  88. 2009-05-20Early Modern Europe: Issues and Interpretations
  89. 2009-05-20Official Guide to Texas State Parks and Historic Sites
  90. 2009-05-20Vom Original zum Modell, Junkers Ju 188
  91. 2009-05-20British Military and Naval Medicine, 1600-1830
  92. 2009-05-20Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America
  93. 2009-05-20Gear Up!: Flight Clothing and Equipment of USAAF Airmen in World War II
  94. 2009-05-20World War II and Mexican American Civil Rights
  95. 2009-05-20One Ranger Returns
  96. 2009-05-20World War II and Mexican American Civil Rights
  97. 2009-05-20Mavericks: A Gallery of Texas Characters
  98. 2009-05-20Historic Native Peoples of Texas
  99. 2009-05-20Historic Native Peoples of Texas
  100. 2009-05-20Fifty Years of Change on the U.S.-Mexico Border: Growth, Development, and Quality of Life
  101. 2009-05-20Cultural History in Australia

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